Why I Won’t Take Pics of My Kids

  1. I had this same moment happen to me today! My 2 y/o was being silly, putting a sticker over her eye like an eye patch. I thought “oh I want to capture this silly moment!” But then I realized the camera wouldn’t capture the silliness or the giggles. It wouldn’t do the moment justice. So the phone stayed where it was and I just laughed with my toddler.

  2. Amanda says:

    This is all so true. I have THOUSANDS of pictures on my phone. Literally, THOUSANDS, as I don’t ever want to forget a moment. But I am also always remembering to take in the moment, study their little faces, hands, toes, actions, a little closer, because time just goes too quick. I want to remember every little bit of my little babies.

    -amanda @ duhitsmed.blogspot.com

  3. Karilee says:

    You are a wise little girl!!

  4. I wrote a post about this last year! I completely agree. Sometimes you need to be in the moment instead of behind the lens of your camera. I would much rather enjoy the moment and have fun with my children than be sitting on the side taking a picture of it happening.


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