Protecting Your Child from Sexual Assault

  1. Lynae says:

    I just wanted to say that yes this is a very “taboo” subject to touch on but it’s also very wonderful. Many parents and or kids and teens are afraid or are unaware of things and subjects like this. I admire how you are reaching out to others about this topic. People seem to be more likely and willing to listen and become more aware of sexual assult, especially after hearing it from someone who has been through it themself. My parents have already touched on this subject and always do. Sometimes it gets annoying hearing “Stay with the group.” “Don’t close the door.” “You can’t hangout with a boy alone.” “Please be careful.” “You can’t take a walk alone, even if it’s around the block.” I used to think that they were protective. Then as my life goes on I’ve realized they’re not too protective or overprotective, but that they’re just good parents and they’re very right in this scary world. By hearing your experiences and tips and me still being a teenager myself It really does make me think alot more. Thank you for taking your time and effort to talk about this cousin.

  2. Jen Bruton says:

    Another thing to teach your kids—no one should ever ask to see their underwear. That is a common grooming technique that leads to sexual assault.


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