I have to stop you in your tracks and tell you about an amazing find! Quite literally one of my favorite products on the market! This bunk has been so fun. To take camping, on adventures, or keep it in the closet to be the saving grace when nightmares happen…we are clearly obsessed! You can […]



Thanksgiving reading books


Recently, I was shopping at my favorite local bookstore for my two little sons’ Christmas presents (yes I started really early) when I noticed a display of Thanksgiving books. This year, I started a new tradition. Each holiday we celebrate in our family, I buy a book about that holiday. Reading plays a big part […]

Kid Activities + Books

5 Thanksgiving Books to Read to Your Child This Holiday

5 steps for making peace with food


We are heading into the holiday season. This time of year can be the best because of friends, family, and traditions that bring us joy. However, during this time, many also women struggle feeling comfortable around all the food and their personal relationship with it. This year, let’s change that. Let’s talk about five steps […]


5 Simple Steps for Making Peace with Food

A picture of Maddison with her baby bump before her babies birth


Recently, I was talking to a friend about our postpartum experiences. Both of us suffered with our mental health for months after having our first child before we realized that we had postpartum depression and anxiety. We both agreed we spent too much time preparing for labor and delivery and not enough preparing for postpartum. […]

Mental Health

How to Prepare for Better Postpartum Mental Health


I’m a redhead, and that means my little eyelashes are red and blonde. I have hated this for as long as I can remember! I was so jealous of girls who had dark, thick lashes. In junior high or high school if I wasn’t wearing mascara, people would ask me if I was OK, if […]


3 Big Reasons to Try Lash Extensions


Well, here we are. It’s  September. Socializing is still out, quarantine is still in and we’re all going stir crazy. Like the rest of the world, I’ve struggled with how to keep my kids on track and organized for a school year that may very well be spent at our kitchen table instead of in a classroom. How […]

Home & Garden

How to Organize Your Home in 1 month


Back to school and the changing of the seasons is the perfect time for you to spruce up your wardrobe. Just a few pieces can completely transform your wardrobe and give you great outfits that you can mix in and match with your current pieces.


5 Back to School Outfits for Mama


As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to get out of the house. Whenever my Mom or Dad would go somewhere (anywhere really: the gas station, grocery store, bank, etc.), I always wanted to go with them. I have not been a homebody since I was a little girl, so life right […]


Easy Earth Day Activities


Like many moms, I had no idea what to expect after the birth of my first daughter, Hazel. I had read countless blog posts about infant sleep, postpartum diet for milk supply, and proper bottle sanitation. It never occurred to me to prepare myself mentally for what was really in store for me next.  Again, […]


My Journey with Prenatal and Postpartum Anxiety

Too tired for Self Care?