10 Reasons Why Toddlers Are The Best

  1. Aw, I love this! I agree with all of these! My son is the same way. He is GO GO GO all the time! It’s exhausting but oh so fun. And just wait until your little boy won’t stop talking! We are at the point where Little J is constantly talking. I love it so much! He has the cutest little voice!

  2. erin @ thh says:

    There really is such a sweetness to this age. They’re so unabashedly engaged and present with everything. I love watching my youngest just mill about the house, busy busy with whatever his mind is bent towards. My oldest is about to be five (oh my goodness!) and every stage has had its parts that I love, but there is something special about that toddler age.

    • aubrey.olsen22@gmail.com says:

      So true! I have to remind myself lots because it can be a challenge for sure, but it really is such a cute stage!


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