Why I Won’t Take Pics of My Kids

September 2, 2015 in Love Notes


The other day I turned on some of my fav jams as I was plopping my first time lemon bars in the oven, feeling quite domestic (as I may or may not have forgotten a FULL stick of butter that the recipe called for…yikes).

The sun was shining so bright through my favorite floral curtains, my house started to smell like lemon bars, and my toddler was in the happiest mood. It was honestly a “perfect” moment in my book…which in my life – those are rare to come by.

It got even better.

My babe started twirling, dancing, and giggling at the joys of music and life. We both were laughing and he was being so cute with little fingers in my hair, and teasing me to get me to chase him and dance around the room. Right then I reached for my phone to start documenting it all…but then I froze because a thought stopped me dead in my tracks.

“This moment is for YOU.”

I’m totally guilty of wanting to capture every moment on camera. Isn’t every mom obsessed with pics of their child?! Having a blog, you become a pretty open book with a lot of things, and I have always been very passionate about documenting everything! However, I believe there are some moments and times that are just for you, not for social media, not to scrapbook, or #chatbooks, not to blow up and put on your wall… these moments are just for YOU. We are so quick to grab our cameras and/or phones these days that we end up watching what is actually happening right in front of us on a screen as we film, rather than witnessing the actual moment in real life….which is 10 times more beautiful anyway. Usually those moments don’t last very long, sometimes even just seconds.  I’ve learned to grasp onto every ounce of it that I can get because they are what I live for.

That day I didn’t take a single picture. I basked in the sun rays shining warm on my carpet through the window and soaked in every single baby giggle. I didn’t miss a single dance move or crooked baby-toothed grin. When those tiny chubby arms wrapped around my neck, I held them longer that day, knowing that one day he might become “too cool” and not give me as tight of squeezes. That day I slowed down, held him tighter and captured the smell, the sound, and the light of his childhood that will one day be gone. That will forever be engraved on my memory and a tender blessing I will hold close to my mama heart.

So here’s to taking enough pictures to document, and putting it away when no camera or video could ever do that moment justice.




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  • Samantha - Digital Mom Today September 2, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    I had this same moment happen to me today! My 2 y/o was being silly, putting a sticker over her eye like an eye patch. I thought “oh I want to capture this silly moment!” But then I realized the camera wouldn’t capture the silliness or the giggles. It wouldn’t do the moment justice. So the phone stayed where it was and I just laughed with my toddler.

  • Amanda September 2, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    This is all so true. I have THOUSANDS of pictures on my phone. Literally, THOUSANDS, as I don’t ever want to forget a moment. But I am also always remembering to take in the moment, study their little faces, hands, toes, actions, a little closer, because time just goes too quick. I want to remember every little bit of my little babies.

    -amanda @ duhitsmed.blogspot.com

  • Karilee September 2, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    You are a wise little girl!!

  • Chelsea @ Life With My Littles September 3, 2015 at 2:13 am

    I wrote a post about this last year! I completely agree. Sometimes you need to be in the moment instead of behind the lens of your camera. I would much rather enjoy the moment and have fun with my children than be sitting on the side taking a picture of it happening.

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