Tuesday Tip: $10 Brow Makeover

March 3, 2015 in Health + Beauty

I decided to start a new series on Tuesdays! I’m way excited about it actually. Each Tuesday I will be writing about one of my favorite tips. These will be tried and true my friends. No hocus pocus.

Today’s tip is getting the perfect eyebrows. The source of today’s tip is coming from this beauty:


I went to hair school with Clara and every time I see her I have some serious brow envy! Aren’t they amazing? So we are gonna hook you guys up with some brow secrets.

Here is what you need:


$10 Brow Makeover:

1. Elf angled brush ($3)

2. Maybeline eyeshadow – Made for Mocha ($2.75)

SIDE NOTE: Even though she has dark brown hair and I have a lighter blonde, we still both use this same color…weird I know. She adds more to fill in the color and I don’t add as much so it’s not as dark. Just make sure to blend it really well.

3. Spoolie brush – free at make up stores

4. NYX wonder pencil (roughly $3)

To see a great tutorial on how to fill them in with eyeshadow, head here to see one of my best friend’s cute blog!



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