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January 10, 2018 in Family

A few weeks ago I asked a bunch of you what your favorite way to keep track of your kid’s lives was. I thought I’d combine a few great ideas that everyone came up with and share with you some of my favorites as well!

Texting Journal: This system sends you prompts for your individual children and let’s you text in unprompted entries and tag them with a child’s name (ex. #jason), and it will automatically send it to their baby book/journal. You can also tag one entry with multiple children so that entry will go in all of your kid’s journals. This system is genius because it takes two seconds and we’re on our phone a ton of the time anyway right?! The books that are printed out are $14 for 30 pages and are high quality images (which is super important to me!). They are 6 inches x 6 inches. Here’s an example of what it looks like and you can read more about it HERE.

Promptly Journals: I just recently started these and have loved them! They’re an older style of journaling, so you handwrite everything, but I kinda love that too. You fill out the blanks and the journals go from the womb until their 18 years. I wish I had started with these when I was pregnant to remember everything, but I’ve found it pretty easy to fill in the blanks from previous years. They are a little on the pricey end but I feel like they’re worth it plus it’ll be fun to give our kids when they’re older! Handwritten is sometimes just priceless, ya know?!

Instagram/Chatbooks: I have a separate account for both of my kids that I keep private and try to document little moments, the things they say, or their milestones in and then use Chatbooks to print. These books are so cute and little. They’re $10 for 60 pages (free shipping!). They aren’t the best quality (could possibly be IG’s fault on that one), but we love having them around our house to look at. My kid’s are obsessed too! I just love having another way to keep track of everything!

Shutterfly: I’ve used this company before a couple times. (You can sometimes score free or super cheap books from them on groupon!) I printed off my baby’s birth stories with this and have loved the quality. (I printed off an 8×8). Another idea I got from a sweet mama was to take a survey of questions for each kid and document how each kid changes and grows from year to year. These also make perfect grandparent gifts! (thanks for the idea @lauraleealtice!)

Blog2print: I know a few of you who still have your family blogs! This is another one I’ve used where you can print your entire blog into a book! We have a hardbound book from about 5 years of our family blog and it’s the best! Because we waited so long to print it, it cost us around $80-$100, but you can get 20% off of your first order!


E-mail Accounts: A lot of moms use e-mail accounts for their kids so that when they’re older they can log in and have everything. I personally feel like this is genius in our technology world these days!

External Hard Drive: I feel like this is SO important. You need to keep your pics + videos in 2-3 places. We have an external hard drive similar to this one HERE. I highly recommend having a hard drive to keep everything on as a back up!

iMovie: One mom said she puts all her videos of her kids each year for their birthday in a video on iMovie, sets it to music, and has a video of each of their year of their life! I thought this was so fun! It’s time consuming, but such a keepsake! I feel like this is the best way to keep your videos organized and easy to watch regularly! (Thanks @brynnjorgensen)

Youtube/Vimeo: This is another option if you’re low on space or need an extra backup. Sometimes if I can’t find a video I’m looking for, I love knowing that I at least can find it on youtube!

1 Second Everyday: I just got this app when my second baby was born and LOVE it. Especially in those first few months when they grow so stinkin’ fast! It basically has you put in a video every single day and creates the cutest video. I did it for each month and loved being able to see what adventures we did or how much she grew in that time frame. This one is a fun one to have and super user friendly!

I hope this helps!! Would love to hear any other way you keep track of your family’s life in the comments below!

Happy journaling!









Mamahood Made

April 13, 2015 in Mamahood Made


So… I’ve been a little MIA with this blog for a couple weeks because I’ve been putting together something pretty exciting! On Friday, you will be able to shop some of the cutest things right from my blog! The shop is called “Mamahood Made” because the items are made from some talented mamas! I will be updating you with new things each week, and you might just fall in love with everything like I did. And the best news? I’ll be hooking you up with some pretty sweet coupon codes so you will definitely want to stay tuned!

Today’s Pre-Launch Giveaway is one of our first products listed! It’s a beautiful notebook made by Scribble and Jot.

scribbleandjot3 (1 of 1)-2


She makes these by hand and each one turns out BEA-UTIFUL! Here’s what the inside cover looks like:

FullSizeRender (10)


Make sure to enter the giveaway over on Instagram!

**For 2 extra entries subscribe to my blog and comment below where you would take your notebook if you won!



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