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DIY: Halloween Books

October 20, 2016 in DIY


Hi friends!

It’s been awhile but I’m still here! I feel like blogs are a little old school but I love having a central place for my projects, thoughts, and updates! So here is a little Halloween DIY for you today!

First of all, I give all credit to my cute friend Kate who showed me how to do this. She is QUEEN of Halloween and after I saw these books and how fool proof they were I had to make them! I also love that it uses most of the stuff you have already at home and your kids can help too! fullsizerender-2

Here’s what you need:

Old books

Hot glue

Tissue paper


Liquid Gold Leaf

Mod Podge

Letter stickers or puffy paper with a sticky back

Step 1: Place your letters, hot glue, and puffy paper how you want it on your book. I made some hot glue spiders and added texture on the broom with hot glue as well.



(I used Elmer’s glue since I ran out of hot glue but hot glue would be a lot easier! I just had to wait longer for it to dry.)

Step 2: Glue or Mod Podge tissue to cover stickers and book completely. Make sure to make it tight around the letters so that you’ll be able to see them clearly once you paint.

Step 3: Paint over tissue and let dry. The tissue should have an old, crinkly look!

Step 4: Add some liquid gold leaf (optional, but this is what makes it look so cool! I got a little gold leaf crazy)

Step 5: Add some water to the edges of your book to make it look old.





That’s it! So easy you guys, and so fun!

Happy Halloween!!!



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