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February 8, 2016 in Health + Beauty



I’ve been a little MIA lately with this blog, but I wanted to share some of my favorite skin care products and my nightly routine that I do. I’m one of those girls who can’t fall asleep without brushing my teeth and washing my face…and I’ve been on the search for months for something more natural to help the bags under my eyes, acne scars, and large pores. Thanks to my mother-in-law, I am sold on all of these! I get so excited to get ready for bed because my face and skin feels amazing when I’m done!

Let me break it down (and if you want to get some for yourself, you can click the image to a direct link!)

Witch Hazel: I use this witch hazel as a toner (especially on the side of my nose where my pores are bigger), as well as my T-zone and I’ve seen a difference in just the last month of using it! I’ve been so excited about it! After you shower (when your pores are most open), you use a cotton ball and apply it all over. Wait for it to dry before applying make-up or any other moisturizer. I use this every single night and when I have a few extra minutes after a shower in the morning.


Moisturizer: I’ve been using this Age Reversal for my whole face, but especially under my eyes. (is it just me, or do you instantly get old and start aging when you become a mom!?) This helps firm your skin and I can feel that firmness still by the morning, it’s awesome. The only bad part is that is it a little bit on the pricy side – but a little goes a long way in this little bottle and I would say it’s completely worth it! (And I’m a cheap skate!) UPDATE: this is on sale RIGHT NOW — Almost $25 off + Free Shipping (only 20 left!). I swear by this stuff!

Body Butter: All my Utah friends — you NEED this! Especially during these winter months. My skin isn’t as dry in Texas but I still use this every single night. And the rule at our house, is if we go to bed by 10 (since I get a little distracted at night) my hubs will give me a foot rub with this! Ummmm yes. If you’re needing to give your spouse some hints for Valentines… this is it! (SIDE NOTE: Last I heard Trader Joes was pretty much out of this (we got the very last ones at the TJ’s out here) so I was happy to see it on Amazon. Holla!

Chapstick: Okay… coming from the girl who is constantly trying different chapsticks… this one takes the cake. I never have chapped lips because of it. Use it every night!

If I don’t get ready for bed with these I feel like I’m missing out! It’s 5 minutes of pampering yourself and makes you feel so refreshed. What does your nightly routine look like? Would love to hear about the products you use too!



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  • Chelsea @ Life With My Littles February 9, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    I’ve been looking for more grown up beauty products, so this post is so helpful! I’ll have to check out that moisturizer, and who knew about witch hazel!

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