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Welcome to our online store, Mamahood Made. This website provides our services to you, subject to the following conditions. If you visit or shop within this website, you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.


Payment for the goods you order shall be due on the date you place your Purchase Order and no discount may be taken. Payment shall be made to our Paypal account in an amount equal to the Total Purchase Price indicated on the Purchase Order, plus any applicable tax.


The risk of loss from any casualty to the goods, regardless of cause, shall be on us until the goods have been accepted by you. The goods shall be deemed accepted by you when they are delivered to your address.


You have the right to inspect the goods on arrival, and within seven business days after delivery you must give notice to us of any claim for damages on account of condition, qualify, or grade of the goods, and you must specify the basis of the your claim in detail. This information needs to be sent to themamahoodblog@gmail.com. Your failure to comply with these conditions shall constitute your irrevocable acceptance of the goods.


We sell the goods as is and expressly make no warranties whether written, oral, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


We will not provide you with any training on the installation, use, and maintenance of the goods other than that what may be offered by the manufacturer, if any.


Should we be prevented from effecting deliveries of the goods by reason of either an act of god, insurrection, riot, war hostilities, terror attacks, warlike operations, piracy, arrests, restraints or detainments by any competent authority, strikes or combinations or lock-out of workmen, fire, floods, droughts, earthquakes, permanent or temporary delay or inability to obtain labor, material or services through our usual and regular sources, or any other circumstances (whether of a nature similar to those specified, or not) beyond our absolute control, then, in each such cases, our obligation to effect deliveries hereunder shall be suspended until after such prevention shall cease to continue. Should any deliveries under our contract be suspended under this clause for more than 90 days – either of us may withdraw from this contract and be relieved from any liability; provided however, that you shall nevertheless accept delivery and pay for such goods once we are able to deliver in accordance with the period(s) of shipment named in our contract. We will not be liable for, and be relieved from, any loss or damages of any kind resulting from the causes mentioned above.


Our contract will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Utah.


This contract merges the entire terms and conditions for sale of the goods. In the event of any conflict between the terms herein and any provisions included in your Purchase Order, the latter shall govern and prevail. Subject to the foregoing, nothing specified in, or referred to by, any other document, record or instrument whatsoever, which relates to and/or which otherwise subsists in connection with the sale of goods herein, whether expressly or impliedly, including any written order, request or other standard or specific terms of any entity, shall or may be interpreted to attribute to us and/or to our affiliates or representatives (i) any liability, obligation, commitment and/or undertaking, and/or (ii) any waiver in connection with or of any right, whether contractual, proprietary, in-person and/or equitable, including but not limited to, any and all intellectual property rights in connection with the goods, which are and shall always remain in our exclusive and complete ownership under all circumstances whatsoever, notwithstanding any sale of goods hereunder and whether the goods shall be standard goods or manufactured to a specific order. You will refrain at all times and for whatever purpose from infringing, contesting, disputing or questioning such rights, patents, trademarks, titles or interests, nor shall it aid or allow others to do so, regardless of whether directly or indirectly. No modification or waiver of any provision hereof shall become valid and effective except upon a written instrument duly signed beforehand by us. No waiver by either party of any default of the other party shall be deemed a waiver of any subsequent or other default.

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