DIY: Halloween Books

October 20, 2016 in DIY


Hi friends!

It’s been awhile but I’m still here! I feel like blogs are a little old school but I love having a central place for my projects, thoughts, and updates! So here is a little Halloween DIY for you today!

First of all, I give all credit to my cute friend Kate who showed me how to do this. She is QUEEN of Halloween and after I saw these books and how fool proof they were I had to make them! I also love that it uses most of the stuff you have already at home and your kids can help too! fullsizerender-2

Here’s what you need:

Old books

Hot glue

Tissue paper


Liquid Gold Leaf

Mod Podge

Letter stickers or puffy paper with a sticky back

Step 1: Place your letters, hot glue, and puffy paper how you want it on your book. I made some hot glue spiders and added texture on the broom with hot glue as well.



(I used Elmer’s glue since I ran out of hot glue but hot glue would be a lot easier! I just had to wait longer for it to dry.)

Step 2: Glue or Mod Podge tissue to cover stickers and book completely. Make sure to make it tight around the letters so that you’ll be able to see them clearly once you paint.

Step 3: Paint over tissue and let dry. The tissue should have an old, crinkly look!

Step 4: Add some liquid gold leaf (optional, but this is what makes it look so cool! I got a little gold leaf crazy)

Step 5: Add some water to the edges of your book to make it look old.





That’s it! So easy you guys, and so fun!

Happy Halloween!!!



FHE Toddler Edition: Lesson #9

September 19, 2016 in Family Home Evening Lessons

Hi sweet friends! I haven’t been able to do too much with my blog recently, but I’m keepin’ up with these family nights we’ve been doing! I have been loving the sweet comments, e-mails, and feedback from so many of you. Knowing that you’ll be here every Monday makes it worth it for me to keep posting! (And I secretly love that we’re all doing the same thing every Monday… it’s kinda like we get to hang out from a distance! 😉 )

This season of life is busy for me… that or I make it that way. Being busy is NOTHING to be proud of, but it’s something that helps me not dwell on things or get too homesick. I have so many thoughts swarming that I want to share and updates on our family, so I hope you’ll stick with me during the slower times of my blog! And if you’re one of the ones who checks back every Monday, I just love you and know your family will be so blessed by doing these simple lessons every week. Life sometimes can be pretty rocky, but I promise that the little things are the big things. I’ve learned recently that it’s so easy to let being “busy” take front row and the important things get pushed aside, but the second we stop doing the little things, hills turn into mountains and rain turns into storms. But the second we allow the gospel in our home, life might still be hard, but we gain a light and strength that is so necessary. Necessary for ourselves, but more importantly for our babies who have yet to grow up in this world.

Here is this week’s lesson teaching one of those simple things we should always remember:



 Lesson #9: A Child’s Prayer

Opening Prayer

Opening Song: A Child’s Prayer (here)

Scripture: 3 Nephi 18: 21 (here)

Lesson: Discuss what it means to pray and who we are talking to when we pray. Teach the steps of a prayer: beginning, end, and how we bow our heads and close our eyes.

Activity: Paint prayer rocks

Closing Prayer

Treat: Chocolate covered bananas





FHE Toddler Edition: Lesson #8

September 12, 2016 in Family Home Evening Lessons

Hi sweet friends! Those who are just joining us today, we are on lesson #8 but you can start whenever! I try to post these up every Monday so that you can have a quick, but meaningful toddler FHE with your family every week. I am going to figure out a way to allow you to download the PDF files of the lessons, but for now they will just be under “family” — “Family Home Evening Lessons” tab of my blog! Make sure to pin this for later too just in case you need ideas in the future!



Lesson #8: I Love to See the Temple

Opening Prayer:

Opening Song: I Love to See the Temple

Scripture: Mosiah 2:6

Lesson: Show a picture of a temple and talk about how it’s the Lord’s house. Teach the importance of it and how we can get married there to be with our eternal companions forever. Talk about how it is a very special place.

Activity: Make a temple out of sugar cubes and frosting. (We ended up doing ours out of marshmallows  and toothpicks and my toddler loved it!)

Closing Prayer

Treat: Pretzels dipped in Nutella



Family Pictures 2016

September 9, 2016 in Family

We recently got our family pictures done by the beautiful Amanda from Amanda G. Photography. She was whipping out all the stops and tricks to get our two year old to smile and not move at a hundred miles an hour. She was the best! Love these two so so much!



img_8542-1  img_8567  img_8612 img_8619   img_8626 img_8641-copy  img_8676  img_8723-1 img_8839 img_8860 img_8880 img_8900 img_8923

img_8401-copy img_8444-copy img_8542-copy img_8567-copy img_8612-copy img_8619-copy img_8626-copy img_8641 img_8676bw img_8723-copy

img_8839-copy img_8860-copy img_8880-copy img_8900-copy img_8923-copy

[Dress: Shop Stevie – click here to get yours!]



FHE Toddler Edition: Lesson #7

August 29, 2016 in Family Home Evening Lessons




Lesson #7: “Give” Said the Little Stream

Opening Prayer

Opening Song: “Give” Said the Little Stream

Scripture: Mosiah 2:17

Lesson: Talk about the importance of service and that when we do service it is showing our Heavenly Father that we love Him. Discuss ways we can serve others around us.

Activity: Do some kind of service act such as making cookies for a neighbor,      leaving extra change at a laundry map, or a love note for someone.

Closing Prayer

Treat: Popsicles




FHE Toddler Edition: Lesson #6

August 22, 2016 in Family Home Evening Lessons


Hey mamas! Thanks for all your amazing feedback on these lessons! I’m working out some bugs with my website so that these can get e-mailed right to you! Don’t forget to use hashtag #mamahoodfhe if you post a pic while using any of these lessons, I’d love to see! Love you all!

Lesson #6: Love One Another

Opening Prayer

Opening Song: Love One Another

Scripture: John 13:34

Lesson: Tell the story of the Good Samaritan (Scripture reference HERE). Ask how we can love those in our family and ways we can help them. Talk about how sharing is showing that we love someone.

Activity: On strips of paper, write down things we can do to show love to our families. Create a chain to help us remember to love each other.

Closing Prayer

Treat: Homemade fruit smoothie



FHE Toddler Edition: Lesson #5

August 15, 2016 in Family Home Evening Lessons


Sorry I’m a little late posting this lesson! If you’re new around here, welcome! We are on lesson #5 of my toddler family home evenings and you can find more under the “family” tab! (and if you have no idea what FHE is go HERE). Remember, everything is linked up!

Lesson #5: Follow the Prophet

Opening Prayer

Opening Song: Follow the Prophet

Scripture: Amos 3:7  

Lesson: Explain what a prophet is and why it’s important to follow what he asks us to do. Tell the story of your favorite prophet in the scriptures and then tell how we have a current prophet. (Show a picture if possible)

Activity: Memorize the prophet’s name or other apostle’s names.

Closing Prayer

Treat: No-Bake Cookies (My healthy recipe is HERE)






FHE Toddler Edition: Lesson #4

August 8, 2016 in Family Home Evening Lessons

untitled (2 of 2)edit

Lesson #4: I Have a Body

Opening Prayer

Opening Song: Do as I’m Doing

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:16-17

Lesson: Explain that each part of our body has a special job. What can we do with our eyes? Ears? Mouth? Hands? Feet? Talk about the importance of exercising, eating healthy and keeping the Word of Wisdom. Pretend and do actions such as brushing your teeth, sleep, and washing your hands. If there’s time talk about Daniel 1 and how Daniel was blessed for keeping the Word of Wisdom.

Activity: Do sidewalk chalk and trace each other’s body’s out on the driveway. My two year old LOVED this when he realized the shape of his body was traced on our driveway!

untitled (1 of 2)      


Closing Prayer

Treat: Strawberries with powdered sugar


*Remember that everything is linked so if you forget how the primary song goes or don’t have your scriptures on hand, just click on it!




God Needs Brave Moms

August 3, 2016 in Family / Love Notes

untitled (1 of 1)-2

The other morning I woke up with half of my mouth swollen. One of the joys of pregnancy is inflammation of your gums and they can easily get infection…so when I went in for an emergency dentist visit, that was my diagnosis.

“Are you sure you’re not pregnant?” she said.

“Nope. But I have been the passed year.”

I was calculating the other day how long my body has had pregnancy hormones. It’s been almost a year and my journey gets to continue. I don’t talk the details too much because I’m in the middle of it and it’s pretty tender to me, but this week I’ve had some kind of doctor appointment every day and Friday will be my 5th surgery this year. I’ve been told that my body can get pregnant easy but has a hard time carrying and might need medical intervention to get my babies here. We are currently waiting to hear back from some tests and know exactly which steps to take. It’s been quite a road for our little family.

But I’ve come to learn that it all really is okay.


Because God needs brave moms and if this is what I have to go through to become brave, I’ll do it.

So bring on more needles, surgeries, weight gain, more bad news and empty feelings. I got this. Being far from family has been difficult but we have a village here helping us every step of the way and my heart is filled to the brim with gratitude for those who have helped in so many different ways. (You know who you are, I love you!!)

EVERY mom person has some kind of “hard” to go through. My heart aches as I watch those who go through such heart breaking tragedies. I believe that our trials are tailored to us specifically and as I learn of what others go through, I gladly take my load because so many people have it pretty tough. You can’t compare trials but you can have compassion for others and gratitude for your own.

So maybe hard is okay. Maybe hard teaches us more than anything else would. Maybe it’s shaping us into someone better. And maybe… just maybe, all of this will teach me how to be brave.



(These thoughts sparked after listening to a segment of THIS amazing talk.)


August 1, 2016 in Lipstick

I’m currently all heart-eyes over this new Lipstick that lasts 18 hours without smudging or coming off when you kiss your babes! I’m a distributor for Lipsense, not to make money, but mostly so that I can hook my friends and fam up with it!  If you’re interested in getting your lips on some e-mail me at or fill THIS form out! (colors are below)

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.35.03 PM





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