Celebrating the Heartache

May 15, 2017 in For Mamas

As I’ve scrolled through the social world today about Mother’s Day, I can’t help but have some deep feelings come to the surface.

I’ve always had a thing for moms. When I was little I would watch other mothers in awe and constantly ask if I could hold their babies so I could pretend to be a mom. There’s just something about motherhood and moms that I have a deep love and passion for.

What I did see today was a lot of heartache on this holiday. Whether it be because of a loss, infertility, or any other reason to not have the opportunity to be a mother, a lot of hearts ache on a day that mothers are celebrated. Articles have been swarming of how hard this holiday is on so many women and it’s hard to see.

As I kept scrolling, a dear friend of mine who has been struggling for about 10 years with infertility posted this definition of motherhood that her husband wrote to her on a post-it note for her to see the moment she woke up:


In addition to the post-it were definitions of mothers. My favorite was the very last one.

A Mother is: Someone who puts the needs of others above their own.

I loved seeing how she turned her biggest trial into a way to celebrate what she does have in being a mother and influence to the kids around her.

With my miscarriages I remember feeling like I could be sad on this day and mourn or I can celebrate those tiny babies. I completely think that there are times where you need to have those moments of grief. And if you’re that mom who is going through something heartbreaking right now, I hope that you would take that time for yourself. But I also hope that you realize how beautiful Mother’s Day is for ALL women no matter which part of the journey you are on.

We are all mothers. And that role is so uniquely yours as a woman whether you have kids or not.

So if today is a hard day for you for whatever reason, my heart goes out to you. But I hope you also realize the beauty in celebrating all circumstances of motherhood and that today can be a day to rejoice even the hard parts of being a mom.

Today is about YOU and a role that is given to you before you even have kids.

It’s about your fight to have kids if you struggle with infertility.

It’s about your magnifying love for the kids you might already have, despite your tired eyes.

It’s about those babies who might be watching over you in heaven as you try to continue to live this life without them.

It’s about celebrating even the heartache.

“Motherhood is more than bearing children, though it is certainly that. It is the essence of who we are as women. It defines our very identity, our divine stature and nature, and the unique traits our Father gave us.” – Sheri Dew

Happy Mother’s Day to all women, in every walk of life.





DockAtot Giveaway

May 4, 2017 in Baby / Giveaways / Product Reviews

I’ve been loving all these recent new baby companies and products that have come out since I had my last baby!

One of my favorites for sure is the DockAtot! If you haven’t heard about them, it’s like a little raft for your baby to lay in. It helps with safety when co-sleeping and just throughout the day as well. I just remember those first few weeks of having a newborn and it just helps to have another safe place for baby to lay down.

I’ve teamed up with them to give one of my readers a DockAtot! Head over to my instagram to enter! (HERE)

(The picture above is of my cute friend Sarah from thedaintypear.com, using one with her babe!)

If you have a DockAtot I would love to hear your experience with it as well! And if you are eyeing these bad boys… then you should enter to win one!?




BUMPDATE: Halfway!

May 1, 2017 in Baby / Lifestyle

I can’t believe we are already passed our halfway point in this pregnancy! I can’t keep track of how many weeks I am, but I think I’m almost 24 this week! This pregnancy has flown by but also gone by slow too. With this pregnancy I gained weight really fast at the very beginning. The thing with going through a couple miscarriages, surgeries, etc. is you can’t work out constantly because of wait/healing time. And since I wasn’t working out constantly the only thing I can do right now is walk. (Why is it when you can’t work out you really want to and when you can you really don’t?!) I’m just feeling so so grateful to have a healthy baby inside of me. It’s worth every extra pound and double chin! 😉

To be honest, these updates will mostly be for me to keep track of. So if you read on, you’ll be seeing the good and the ugly. ha! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


Baby Size: My app says a husk of corn? I’ve been measuring big though from the beginning so not sure if that’s accurate.

Weight gain: 16 pounds

Sleep: Not so good. I have back pain that keeps me tossing and turning all night. The only thing saving me is my pregnancy pillow!

Cravings: pickles + pickle juice will always sounds good to me! I also crave my protein PB and chocolate shakes I make every morning. (milk, cocoa, PB, Chia seed, protein powder (I use pea seed protein), banana, Oats, ice)

Feeling: My first pregnancy with R I felt very level and life was a dream. This pregnancy my hormones are a little all over the place. I’m sure I’m a little more dramatic then usual. My husband cracked an inside joke the other day and I started laughing (harder than anyone knows how to laugh) and then 2 seconds later burst into tears getting offended by the joke! haha! I was a hott mess.

Peak Moment: When Ryd got to feel her kick. He wants nothing else than to make her laugh already. He does dances in front of my belly to make her laugh. I love him so much.

Body changes: Oh the crazy things pregnancy does sometimes! My hands are so dry and itchy again. But I mostly just pee my pants every single day. Without fail. They don’t joke when they say when you have more children you really can’t hold it in!

Doctor/Health Update: Everything looked normal in the 20 week ultrasound. I seriously cry during every healthy heartbeat they can find. Just so grateful. I’m still doing my Lovenox shots + baby aspirin every day. I wasn’t planning on sharing this picture, it’s totally gross, but I want to have it on record for future pregnancies and to remember what I was doing with this pregnancy. The doctors had me on progesterone during ovulation this time around and then I stopped around 14 weeks. One doctor told me that it was probably overkill to be on progesterone. Every other doctor out here in Texas has told me to stay on Lovenox + baby aspirin every day. I’m trying to master these shots so I don’t have as many bruises, but I still have yet to figure it out! But it truly is worth every injection if it means it’ll help keep this babe healthy! I’m so grateful for modern medicine and what they are able to do these days to help with this whole process. These babies are so so worth it. This doctor won’t let me go passed 39 weeks this time around so this baby’s due date keeps getting bumped up!








So blessed to be pregnant with this baby girl!! Can’t wait for her to get here!




16 weeks

April 19, 2017 in Adventures / Lifestyle

Texas is so dreamy sometimes. A few weeks ago we found this beautiful tulip festival nuzzled away on a far away country road. We packed a picnic + a few friends and loved every minute of this adventure!

FHE Toddler Edition: Lesson #10

April 9, 2017 in Family Home Evening Lessons / Uncategorized

First off, I have had so many sweet and wonderful comments about these little FHE lessons I made. Thank you so much! I have tried to think of ways for you to just be able to have a downloadable version with all the lessons. But until I can figure out the best way to do that (and to make it look cute), we will continue with these posts as often as I can! (Plus, it holds our little family accountable in doing FHE too!)

I love hearing your experiences so let me know what has worked/not worked with these lessons with your family! I love hearing feedback! You all are so wonderful! Here is lesson 10.

(Amanda G photography)

Lesson #10: Popcorn Popping

Opening Prayer

Opening Song: Popcorn Popping

Scripture: Genesis 1:11-13

Lesson: Talk about the creation and how Heavenly Father created beautiful things for us to enjoy. Show items of wood or paper and explain that they are made from trees.

Activity: Go for a nature walk and point out all kinds of flowers and trees. Bring a leaf home to trace or glue their “leaf” collection on a paper.

Closing Prayer

Treat: Popcorn OR if it’s warm go out for snow cones.


Gender Reveal

March 9, 2017 in Lifestyle

“I’m pretty sure I saw a little sign of a boy just there.” I said to my doctor at my 14 week ultrasound. “I’m pretty sure I did too” she said back with like ZERO hesitation.

I was thrilled! I think my perspective has been a little changed this passed year with my miscarriages because I will do anything just for a healthy baby. Blue or pink, I’ll take anything!

My last miscarriage was due to Trisomy 15 so they wanted me to do a blood test to check genetics which would also reveal the gender at 99.9%.

That week I was certain we were having a boy and getting so excited to get all of R’s old clothes and baby stuff out again. I picked out a few boy names I loved, and in my head I was having a boy! (My mother intuition is ALWAYS off… let’s just say that!)

I called the doctor’s as soon as results were in (I’m not one much for surprises, but I’m all about surprising other people!) and with my mind in boy mode I hear: “It looks like it’s a princess!” she said.

“Wait, what?” I was shocked! But still just as excited!!

I called my sweet friend up who had the genius idea of making scratch off cards to reveal the gender. (Thanks Caitlin!!) She made some and sent them to all my family. Slow mail is my love language so it was seriously so perfect. I made everyone video tape themselves when they were scratching it off and then compiled a video of everyone’s reactions. It seriously made me cry to make because well, first of all, I just felt so blessed to have made it this far, and second because I just have such a supportive family. And let’s be honest – sometimes distance and pregnancy give you all the feels.

So here’s to you baby girl! We are so excited to meet you!





Pregnancy After Miscarriages

February 26, 2017 in Lifestyle

We are so excited to be announcing another baby coming in August!!

Pregnancy after a couple miscarriages is a little bit interesting. I’ve shut a lot of myself off to the world because it’s such a tender thing and every day I wake up grateful to still be pregnant. Each day is filled with anxiety and a full effort to push away fears and just allow myself to embrace each healthy day.

The first time I heard a healthy heart beat my eyes just welled up with tears. It was the first time in about 4 years that I didn’t hear a suffering heart beat, or knowing I was pregnant and hearing nothing but my own. Happy tears have been a regular thing these days and I just feel oh, so grateful.

I also write with a big lump in my throat. I have had multiple breakdowns just thinking about announcing because my heart goes out to a lot of you. This passed year has allowed me to connect with SO many of you who are suffering through infertility or loss. I’ve had so much support from those going through similar things. I almost don’t want to ever say anything because I’ve felt that “sting” before when you’re scrolling and see someone else get a blessing that you’ve longed and prayed for, for so long. I don’t want to be that sting to those of you who are suffering. I’ve come to learn the difference between empathy and sympathy and my heart truly feels for those with breaking hearts. So I hope that if you’re reading this and are in that situation, that you know how much I love and pray for you. My heart completely goes out to you and I hope that as you read along my journey that it gives you hope for your own journey and we can continue to cheer each other on.

These pictures mean everything to me because of ALL my babies. I feel so blessed that everything is healthy so far and pray with all my heart that we will have the chance to hold a healthy baby at the end of this.

Thank you all who have been so sweet. Growing a family has the hardest thing I’ve had to do physically and emotionally so far and I feel so grateful for all the prayers and love that has been sent our way! We truly feel so much gratitude and love for so many of you and will keep you posted!



PS. If you look close (on the very last picture), you can see two tiny baby hands in a praying position in the ultra sound too! I thought it was so cute. We’re all praying for each other!


First Moments

December 23, 2016 in Love Notes

This week I celebrated my little one’s 3rd birthday. How am I already on the 3rd year of my motherhood!? I still feel like I am brand new, yet I can’t imagine what life was like before becoming a mom.

Having a Christmas baby was my favorite. Not only did I bring him home in a stocking, or had the chance to snuggle my newborn under the Christmas lights, but I grew a HUGE love and respect for Mary as we celebrate Christ’s birth.  What an honor and trust that the Lord had in her! I can’t help but imagine that “first moment” she had when she got to hold Jesus for the first time. Can you imagine? Holding the Savior of the world for the very first time?!

That moment has always been so beautiful to me. The second where you get to see and hold your baby for the first time. Whether you gave birth to a child in water, on a hospital bed, or on the side of the road, there is just something so beautiful about those first moments.

Every year I love collecting and posting those first moments that some of you have had. These always bring tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for all of you who shared these. Whether we birth our own children or become a mom in other ways, there is just something so amazing about it.

I’ll stop talking and let you just see what I’m talking about:

{Samantha Holmes Photography}

{Cascio Photography}

{Mamahood Photography}

{Chelsea Lee Photography}


(All moms above gave me permission to post. All professional photographers should be tagged, please e-mail me if you notice a mistake or change needing to be made. themamahoodblog@gmail.com)


Thanks to all of you who shared such beautiful moments! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!





The Mamahood Christmas Giveaway

December 12, 2016 in Love Notes

MAMAs!!! I’m trying not to shout, but I’m so excited! This is probably one of the biggest giveaways I’ve done and I’m so excited because I KNOW how much it’ll benefit one of you. And I get the chance to spoil one of you for Christmas (which really is the fun part for me)!

I put a lot of thought into this and wanted to do products that I’ve tested and LOVE as well as what I think any mama needs and would be thrilled to win!

So with that said, I picked my two favorite products and companies. The winner will get a Fawn Design bag + a clutch and stroller hooks, and a 2016 City Select stroller (which is the Ferrari of strollers) in Quartz from The Baby Cubby! (Total prize worth over $700)


Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. To enter post a recent picture (from today or tomorrow) on Instagram telling me why you want to win this giveaway. Use hashtag #spoilmethischristmas (If you are private you’ll need to tap on the (…) on the top right of your picture and e-mail it to me at themamahoodblog@gmail.com). Your picture can be of anything from a selfie with your kids, to your baby bump, or someone you would give it to if you won, or anything you can think. Just make sure to tell me why you want it! This is the first part of the giveaway and will close on December 13th at 11:59PM CST so make sure to post before then!
  2. 10 top contestants will be chosen and I will post them to my instagram account (@the.mamahood) on Wednesday, December 14th and the voting will begin! The person with the most likes on their photo by Friday the 16th at 11:59PM CST will be the WINNER!
  3. BONUS: to add 10 extra votes to your picture – just sign up for The Baby Cubby’s newsletter by clicking (HERE and scrolling to the bottom of the page to add your e-mail) To keep track of this please leave a comment on this post saying you did that along with what your instagram name is.

Please note: Only the likes on @the.mamahood instagram will count as votes for the finalists. US citizens only. Please no cheating or buying likes, ain’t nobody got time for that! This giveaway is sponsored by Fawn Design and The Baby Cubby. We want to give a huge THANK YOU to them for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway! Winner will get a 2016 City Select in Quartz and a color of their choice of what’s in stock of a Fawn Design bag (plus accessories).

Good Luck!!! So excited for this and can’t wait to spoil one of you this Christmas!





The Moment He Called Me Mom

December 7, 2016 in For Mamas

I’m so excited to be collaborating with an amazing company called Stiry to help with these mama spotlights! They are ALL about sharing the good and sharing stories that stir.

Today we are spotlighting this sweet mama of a boy with Autism. Kristen is one of my dear friends and her little Nash just melts me. I remember talking with Kristen when she first realized that Nash had Autism and her strength blew me away. She’s a mom that gets up and tries her best over and over and over again and I’m so thankful for her beautiful example.

Here’s her story:



(to see more inspiring videos, head to Stiry on FB too!)



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