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I ain’t no youtuber, but you better believe I put my money where my mouth is! Today I’m sharing my #mamahooddanceoff video for all of you who are getting your videos ready right now. (I know a lot of you that secretly are!) Why are you about to post a video of you dancing? Because you can win $100 to our boutique Mamahood Made!! We have a ton more products coming this week too so it’ll definitely be worth it! And who doesn’t like a good dance off?

There’s no crazy rules, just post a video of you dancin’ your heart out on Instagram and tag #mamahooddanceoff. You only have until April 30th which is coming soon!

Here’s my 30 second video for those who are just dying to see it…couldn’t figure out how to make it HD…but it might be better that way! Enjoy! Can’t wait to see yours soon! 😉


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