Mamahood Mail: January

January 22, 2015 in Love Notes

Have you ever met someone that you just love right from the start? Those people that are just good to the core? I have the amazing opportunity to work with Sarah from The Dainty Pear and she is definitely one of those people.

Last month I introduced you guys to our Mamahood Mail that we send out once a month to a mom who needs a pick-me-up! We had so many amazing moms that were nominated, it was seriously so hard to pick. Sarah came to me and said that she wanted to pick 2 moms for last month. (I’m tellin ya… this chick is so awesome!)

Here’s a little bit about the moms that were chosen last month:

Mom #1: A young mom who lost her baby to SIDS at 4 months old.

Mom #2: An experienced mom who has had a rough few months constantly taking care of everyone else’s needs including her father in law with Alzheimer’s, brother’s leg that needs to be amputated, and a son that is in an abusive relationship. All while she is needing a hysterectomy, trying to fulfill needs as a Relief Society President (Church calling), the needs of her own kids, and everyone around her.

These beautiful mama’s will be receiving something that looks like this in the mail: (This is random, but it was secretly so fun to wrap a gift for people I don’t really know!)

rydone (14 of 14)

rydone (6 of 14)

rydone (5 of 14)   rydone (10 of 14)

Thanks to everyone who nominated! If you weren’t picked this time there is still every month this year for a chance! We are starting our nominations on this post so if you know someone who you would like to nominate, leave a comment below about their story! If you want it to be anonymous shoot me an e-mail:



PS. If you are a shop and/or want to collaborate with The Mamahood shoot me an e-mail as well! 🙂

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  • Kylie Mecham January 22, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Hi my name is Kylie Mecham. I would like to nominate Michelle Witbeck!! We met while both our babies were in the NICU in SLC, UT. She is a mama of twins. Ridge is a healthy baby boy but his sister Aspyn was born with Hydrocephalus along with lots of other problems. One of her recent Facebook posts states that Aspyn is fighting congenital hydrocephalus. Brain malformations, heart defect, chronic lung disease, oral aversion & tube fed, undiagnosed vomiting/retching 10-15 times/day, hearing & vision impairments, torticallus, plagiocephaly, laryngomalasia & General universal delays developmentally & physically.

    That is a lot for such a little thing & especially her mama! She can’t go many places without her husband & he works everyday. She is at home with babies alone all day. I would love to see her receive this. She deserves it more than anyone I know!

    Kylie Mecham

  • Shambray Matthews January 29, 2015 at 12:27 am

    How did I miss this! I love everything about this. How sweet! You are a rock star girly!

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