Friday Fitness: WOTD in 8 minutes!

February 6, 2015 in Health + Beauty

I’ve got a special treat in store for y’all today!

This workout is Trista tried, tested and approved! I’ve put together a circuit that can be done at HOME, with NO equipment, and during nap time…even if that’s short!  The thing I love most about it is that it can last 8 minutes (seriously), 16 minutes, 28, or even longer.  So if you get started and only make it through this circuit once before the babe wakes up, that’s okay!  This is a great all over workout with a healthy dose of cardio to spike our metabolism!  Ideally I will go through this 3 times, and of course stretch after!

Now, if you need some motivation to get into this workout, don’t just stop reading and move onto pinterest!  I have just the thing… click here or here!  I’ve been obsessed with listening to motivational speeches on youtube and it pumps me up so much!

Now, let’s get to it! Ps enjoy my efforts in trying to get pics to display these exercises!  If nothing else, your abs will get a workout from laughing at with me 🙂

  1. Warm up with 15 seconds of jogging in place to loosen upIMG_1487
  2. Jump Squats – start in standing position. Jump out into a nice deep squat.  Be mindful to avoid having your knees go past your toes!  Do 15!IMG_1480
  3. Butt kicks – do as it says.  Kick your butt.  15 seconds, so go HARD!IMG_1488
  4. Walk out to plank – start in standing position, and without arching your back, make your way down to plank position, hold for a second, then return to standing position.  Repeat 15 times.IMG_1481
  5. High knees – bring your knees up to your chest.  Alternate each knee FAST.  As you do so, focus on pulling up with your lower abs.  Go hard for 15 seconds.IMG_1489
  6. Dips – find a piece of furniture and position yourself so you are resting your weight on your hands and the heels of your feet.  Dip down by ending your elbows, keep your pelvis stationary, and pull up by straightening.image1
  7. Butt kicks – again 🙂 15 seconds, go hard!IMG_1488
  8. Side squats – I love these.  Start in standing position, feet forward.  Step out to your left, and squat deep.  Again, be mindful that your knee doesn’t over extend.  Squeeze your booty as you stand up to the beginning position.  Repeat on the right side.  Do 15 on each side.IMG_1482
  9. High knees – again!  15 seconds!  Go get it!IMG_1489
  10. Push ups – we all remember these!  You can do them on your toes, or modify on your knees.  Keep your back flat and abs tight.  15 reps!IMG_3956
  11. Butt kicks – only 15 seconds, so go hard!IMG_1488
  12. Mountain climbers – get in plank position, hands shoulder width apart.  Bring your left knee up to your chest, return, take the right knee to chest and return.  Do it as fast or slow as you need to keep moving.  Repeat for 15 seconds.image2
  13. High knees – last rep of high knees, so finish strong… 15 seconds!IMG_1489
  14. Side plank, plank and side plank – squeeze your abs tight and try to keep your body in a straight line as best as possible.  Hold each pose for 15 seconds.IMG_1483
  15. Jumping jacks!  This is the last bout of cardio, so take yourself to the limit!  15 reps, but if you want to max out, go for it!!! (this is the best picture I could get of me doing jumping jacks, so enjoy that while you finish up!)IMG_3974

So there you have it!  There will be more posts like this to come, and if you want to see anything specific let me know! 🙂 Have a very happy Friday!

XO, Trista

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