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December 5, 2014 in Fitness

Trista is seriously the and full of motivation! Check out her Friday Fitness post below. She is beautiful from the inside out!

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“This time of year is my favorite! We just had Thanksgiving (yum!!), Christmas is in a few weeks, and then… boom! It’s the New Year! Where did the time go?

Have you ever looked back over your year and wondered why you didn’t accomplish more with your time? I do. All the time. I look back to my previous resolutions and see that I wanted to weigh a specific amount, journal much more frequently, keep in touch with family and friends better, and the list goes on. Now at the close of my year, I’m left wondering… what did I do with my time???

Oh… that’s right… I changed thousands of diapers, fed hundreds of bottles, cleaned countless spit ups, loads of laundry, grocery trips, set budgets, revised budgets,lunch dates, play dates, hubby dates, trips to see family, moved to a new state, started over, became a working mom, celebrated Davis’ first birthday, and a million other things in between.

So in between all the things we have to do, how do we do the things we want to do for just us? It boils down to setting goals and the inspiration or motivation behind the goal. It’s what your heart feels that keeps you going. Is it to look good on that family vacation in the summer and finally stick it to your always-skinnier-than-you sister? Or is it for you? 100% you.

That’s seriously tricky isn’t it? Can’t it be both?

I say a healthy dose of competition is a great thing. Problem being, generally as a whole, we tend to over do it. We compare ourselves to these stick figure models, or people around us that are SO not in the same circumstances as we are. I kind of touched on this in my last post, but seriously. We do this all the time. And if we really knew what we were doing not only to ourselves emotionally, but to our children and those around us, we would be so much less inclined to do it.

So I have a challenge for you!!

Just because the New Year isn’t here yet, doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about these goals now. Or even start implementing them. And even revising them. So, I challenge you to set realistic goals for yourself. I challenge you to:

* Pick 2 things that you are going to improve over the next week, month or 12 months… and I dare you to make one of them something physical.

* Make sure they are goals that are contingent on your performance alone, rather than someone else’s.

* Set simple and realistic expectations, but have purpose and passion behind these goals. For example, my husband set the goal to run 10 miles over the course of this year. Simple and realistic for him.

* Make a game plan for how you are going to set this goal into action. Set aside time before kids wake up, after they go to bed, while they are napping, eating or whatever. There is time; we just need to get creative!

* Communicate it with your family so they know how they can support you. This is huge!! Let them support you. They might not want to help with the extra chores now, but later in life they will understand.

* And lastly, be accountable. This is why it’s so important to set goals contingent on your performance alone. So you can stay accountable for your own performance, not someone else’s. Hiccups will happen, that’s part of life. So part of being accountable is then dealing with that hiccup and still finding time to accomplish your goal.

Just so you know I am practicing what I preach, I will post my 2 goals. I am still working on the game plans, but these are my two big focuses:

1. Continue to date my husband.

2. Prepare for my second fitness contest.

Goals bring about success, and success is not won easily. It takes work, and time. So stay consistent. Be persistent, and don’t give up now because it’s hard. You can do this, and when you do, be so happy and grateful that you worked your butt off!

So now you know my goals, what are yours? Let’s help keep each other accountable and motivated to change!”

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