Very First Moments

December 6, 2014 in Love Notes

As Christmas approaches, I can’t help but think of last year when I first became a brand new mom. When I told everyone that my due date was December 23rd they would cringe and apologize for me, but I was able to completely embrace those moments in such a special time as the world celebrates Christ’s birth. And for once in my entire life I was able to have something physically in common with Mary at a time when her birth story is told everywhere and have a different kind of appreciation for her.


The week I had my baby our apartment had flooded. I labored for 36 hours and more than half of that was on a mattress in our living room. Not the most romantic circumstances but it makes for a great story, right?

I can’t possibly imagine being that far pregnant and going through labor on a donkey and in a stable. It has made me totally appreciate that mattress I had on the floor!

What I want to focus on though, are the very first moments you have a baby. Can you begin to comprehend Mary’s first moment, after traveling, being in labor, finding a stable, and being able to hear the cries of a brand new baby you have physically sacrificed for, who one day would in-turn sacrifice his own self for you and the world? It makes my heart burst thinking about it. Because as a mom you know those very first moments are something you can’t describe or put into words. When they place that fresh baby onto your skin you feel like your heart can’t get any bigger and there is a feeling that is indescribable. Those moments fill the air thick with love and you become completely vulnerable to the infant in your arms.

Sometimes we are able to capture these tender moments:

(note: all of these pictures were given to me by those in our Mamahood group and have given me permission to use them.)





birth31  birth30




birth25 birth23  birth22

birth20 birth19 birth18

















I can’t even begin to comprehend the spirit that was felt at the first moment Christ was born. I believe there is a reason for that. I believe we are so much closer to those on the other side and giving birth is truly a sacred experience. I want to remember that as I celebrate Christmas. These pictures speak for themselves and I have big alligator tears as I write this. As we celebrate Christmas let’s remember those first moments we have or will have in our lives now or the life to come and the first moment Mary must’ve had giving birth to the Son of God in the most humbling of circumstances.

I don’t share my beliefs too often on this blog, but I know He lives. I know He knows each and every one of us individually. I know He is in the room when we give birth, lose a child, have a miscarriage, see a negative pregnancy test, or even just having a bad day. I know He is closer than we will ever know and we can always rely on Him to carry us in the hardest of times and celebrate with us in the best of times. I’m so grateful for the knowledge I have and the relationship I have with Him is so close to my heart. May we all slow down and remember those very first moments of Christmas.

I’m so grateful for these first moments we get to experience in our own lives. Please join the movement and use hashtag #veryfirstmoments! <3

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