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August 4, 2015 in Health + Beauty

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I’ve rounded up my favorite self tanners to follow up my sunscreen post. Because like I said, who doesn’t feel better with a tan?? Ok, ok… I guess there are a select few of you that look unbelievable with your porcelain skin but I, unfortunately, did not get that lucky. So let’s talk about how I’ve been using self tanners and tanning beds since I can remember. Don’t worry– I’ve gotten smarter and quit those tanning beds. My first year of college, I realized it was time to go to the dermatologist and get my moles checked. He said that a few of them were a little questionable so we removed them. A week later when I got the phone call about my biopsy results, I was shocked to hear that some of them had precancerous cells. After that, I never went to a tanning bed again… But I still wanted to solve my pale skin problem so the hunt for the greatest self tanners begun! So here they are:


Endless Glow Airbrush Spray $$$— I got this one from a friend for Christmas and absolutely LOVE it. It doesn’t have the self tanner smell (you know what I’m talking about.. ew) and it doesn’t rub off on your clothes. It also shows up more gradually, so the longer you have it on, the more tan you get! I can literally spray this on before I get ready for the day and go because you don’t stink and you don’t look like an oompa loompa! Cons? It’s pretty pricey and purchasing it is weird.. You either need to know someone who works for Endless Glow or have a customer ID on their website. I tried finding it on Amazon and couldn’t. Lame! I want it to be easy and if I need/want some more, I want it RIGHT NOW! 😉

Quick Tan Bronzing Spray $– This is my alternative to the one above. You can purchase it at Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $15 or this one you can actually find on Amazon. I’ve linked a 3 pack for only $26!! That’s a steal. This one is fantastic too! I was using this before my awesome friend gave me the Endless Glow spray. I like that this one looks super tan immediately. You can see right where it’s going and you instantly look like you just got back from Mexico. The smell isn’t too bad either! I will say that this one will rub off slightly on your clothes but it does wash out. So maybe use this one on a day that you’re wearing black or use it like I do.. At night before bed! Then you wash it off in the morning and are left with bronzed skin.

FakeBake Xtreme $$— I love using airbrush sprays on my chest/neck/face because they’re so quick and easy, no mess on your hands and they’re streak-free. But for my arms/legs they just don’t work very well. I feel like more gets on the floor than on my body and it can end up looking streaky. That’s why I have two rub on options, as well. I love this gel by FakeBake. I purchase mine at the beauty supply store! So if you have your license or know someone that does, have them pick this up for you at your local CosmoProf. Or you can always count on Amazon to pull through so I’ve linked one from there. This gel is awesome! Nice and dark so you can see right where it’s going, easy to apply and pretty fool-proof. I feel like I may see small streaks here and there when I apply but after I shower, they’re gone. My tip for gels/lotions/mousse tanners is to wear gloves. That’s the easiest way to avoid super tan palms! The smell on this one isn’t too bad and I love the instant color.

St. Tropez Mousse $$$– This one is pretty pricey at $42 but I’m telling you.. It’s worth it!! It smells so good and is so easy to apply. I love the airy mousse! It literally goes on like butter and dries in less than a minute! It gives you an instant tan and I feel like I can do it in the morning and wear it all day because it looks so good. The color SLIGHTLY rubs off onto your clothes so once again, wear a darker color that day. But it’s always come out of my white clothes in the washer. The bottle also lasts a really long time! I’ve had the same one for 6+ months and I still have quite a bit left. I use it about once a week or once every two weeks! Also– they tell you that you should be using their mitt but it’s really not necessary. Just use latex gloves so that it doesn’t get on your hands! I’ve never used the mitt and still feel like my tan is streak free and blended really well.

Now we can all keep that beautiful, summer glow all year long! Whats your favorite self tanner??



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