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Anchored East Diaper Bag

November 15, 2017 in Fashion / Product Reviews
***This post is sponsored but opinions are all my own***

You guys. I love love love finding amazing products that are totally functional for #momlife. What’s an even better bonus is if it doesn’t break the bank!

When Anchored East reached out to me, I couldn’t help but fall in love with their product. Between the price, functionality, and cuteness, I was all over their diaper bags!

It’s a designer look bag with TONS of pockets on the inside, outside, and sides. There is one pocket that has insulation, and includes a changing pad as well.

I’m all about the backpack style because you just need both hands as a mama. It has plenty of space and would be AMAZING to travel with.

The only thing I didn’t love at first was how much bigger it felt compared to other bags I’ve used, but after using it I feel ten times more organized which is a win in my book! Plus, once you put it on it doesn’t feel too big at all.


The best news? They’re only $49 on Amazon right now!!….whaaaa?!

Click HERE to snag yours! I’m for sure a fan.



Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 8, 2017 in Product Reviews

I wanted to spotlight my husband’s latest obsession as well as give you all some last minute Father’s Day ideas! Why is it so hard to know what to find your spouse or significant other, but I feel like I could purchase a few gifts for myself in about 2 seconds?? Men just feel harder to shop for, for some reason! A few months ago my husband was trying to tell me all about these wood watches he was loving, so when Jord reached out to me about doing a sponsored post, it was a no-brainer because this is something we’ve already been loving for a long time and I’m truly 100% on board with (not just because this is sponsored!) They just look classy. Simple as that.   Also, can we talk about the packaging!? I was super impressed opening this tiny little treasure chest! You can tell that everything is high quality from the get-go.   They have a bunch of different styles (for women too!), but I’m all heart eyes over this classic one. You can find it HERE. They are splash proof so it’s perfect for everyday wear. I’m definitely impressed with this cool watch company! And if you’re loving what ya see, head HERE to win $100 towards a watch, and if you fill out the form they’ll automatically send you $25 for any purchase! Kind of awesome if you ask me!!

Since it’s crunch time and Father’s Day is fast approaching, I thought I’d help a sista out and link a bunch of other perfect Father’s Day Gift ideas too!

Xo, Aubrey

Luxury Wooden Watch

DockAtot Giveaway

May 4, 2017 in Baby / Giveaways / Product Reviews

I’ve been loving all these recent new baby companies and products that have come out since I had my last baby!

One of my favorites for sure is the DockAtot! If you haven’t heard about them, it’s like a little raft for your baby to lay in. It helps with safety when co-sleeping and just throughout the day as well. I just remember those first few weeks of having a newborn and it just helps to have another safe place for baby to lay down.

I’ve teamed up with them to give one of my readers a DockAtot! Head over to my instagram to enter! (HERE)

(The picture above is of my cute friend Sarah from, using one with her babe!)

If you have a DockAtot I would love to hear your experience with it as well! And if you are eyeing these bad boys… then you should enter to win one!?




Toddler Favs

March 30, 2016 in Product Reviews


I tend to talk a lot about how toddlers are the best, but think about it…if you minus the tantrum scene they sometimes cause at the grocery store, everything else about them is the best! They say the cutest things, give kisses on demand, and are so full of love in such a tiny little body!

So I decided to share some of my toddler favorites as well as a baby store that everyone needs to hear about!

The Baby Cubby.

Remember when you first were going to be a mom and you went to buy a stroller and it was like purchasing a car!? There are BILLION different choices, colors, and each one has all kinds of tricks that I can’t even keep up with it all.

So that’s why I’m telling you about Baby Cubby. They do that work for you! It’s awesome. They research the brands to find the best out there and put it all in one place for you to shop. They have so many wonderful baby and mom items, but as far as toddlers go, these are my must haves and my toddler is obsessed! (Click on the title to get the direct link to product)

1. Monkey Backpack

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.43.44 PM

2. Mary Meyers Stuffed Animals – Seriously you guys… I thought these were cute online, but when I got it I about died. My toddler calls it his “Lion King” and won’t let it leave his sight!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.00.15 PM

3. Dino Car

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.46.28 PM

4. Tegu blocks – These are the coolest wooden magnetic blocks ever. Pretty sure I play with them just as much as my toddler does!

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.46.59 PM

5. Saltwater Sandals – (Side note: We live in Texas so I’ve tried different sandals and have wasted so much money on ones that fall apart within a few weeks. These are worth every single scent because they last! I’m cheap you guys but when it comes to long lasting sandals that don’t ruin when they get wet? These are the ticket! Plus, are they not just stinkin’ cute? I’ll always be a fan.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.47.20 PM



This post is sponsored by Baby Cubby, but my opinions are all my own.


Everyday MOMents

March 9, 2016 in Product Reviews

FullSizeRender (43)

First things first. If I’m going to read a book, it has to be AMAZING. Otherwise I feel like it’s a waste of my time. So I wanted to introduce to you one of my favorite “motherhood” books that just came out today that is definitely worth the read!

Whether you are religious or not, the author helps you see a perspective of life that you’ve probably never really seen or noticed before. I love how Jessica Poe interacts with her readers and asks questions to YOU that make you think. I honestly have changed a lot of things in my every day since reading this book.

I was able to start it early so that I could write this review. I read it after recently miscarrying and it has been something that has changed my focus on my everyday, my perspective on who I am as a mom, and how I can be better every single day just by doing and thinking of little things that she mentions in the book.

My favorite analogy she gives is on laundry. It literally blew me away and I even texted my close family and friends about it because she turned such an ordinary thing into something that might make you cry! You’ll never look at white laundry the same…. I give you a sneak peak of this on my periscope (so you have a few hours left to view it!)

So, if you’re looking for a book that’ll change your life this is it! (I’m not just saying that either because I was asked to review it, I’ve been telling everybody about this!)

Here’s what the cover looks like


PS: Head over to my Instagram for a chance to win one for yourself!!!

Thanks Jessica Poe for sharing such wonderful messages that every mom needs to hear.



Mamahood Favorite

February 15, 2016 in Product Reviews

I’m a huge supporter of small businesses. I just think there’s something so great about the talent and hard work that goes behind it. So I wanted to introduce you to a recent favorite of mine who creates custom pillows! When I got mine in the mail it exceeded all my expectations. It’s big, amazing quality, and the design is perfection.

image image image

The company is called Our Traditions and I’m so excited to see what they have up their sleeve, I know they’ll be successful. Also, a little bird told me there’s a giveaway going on Instagram right now, don’t miss it!

Happy Monday!



Mama + Baby Swag Giveaway

December 1, 2015 in Product Reviews



You guys! I can’t believe it’s already December! I’ve been so excited to put this giveaway together for you because I have worked closely with each of these companies and love them all!  If you haven’t heard of some of these companies, let me introduce you! (Click on the names to see more of their products)

Modern Tribe Watch: Currently obsessing over this watch. If you haven’t heard of Modern Tribe, you need to because they’re the next big thing! They are a brand new company with small details that will make you fall in love. Example: The knob on the side is at the 2 instead of the 3. I love little details like that!

Freshly Picked Moccs: Yes, these will always be a favorite for me. You can find my previous review HERE.

Jack and Winn Snapbacks: If you’re looking for the cutest snapbacks for your boys, look no further! There really isn’t any other place I would shop. Jack and Winn is ALWAYS on top of the styles and I have my kid in one of their hats on the daily. I rotate through about 4 hats with all of his outfits and people SWOON over it too. They are so fun! (And my kid won’t wear clothes half the time, but TOTALLY loves wearing his hats + I get to hide his crazy hair days, so it’s a win-win!)

Melody of Cuteness Suspenders: I have always loved suspenders for little boys! And the chick behind these is amazing! Make sure to check out her Etsy shop to get more for you! Amazing quality and her price is jaw dropping!

Emeroo Bows: Okay, these bows bring out my heart eyes emoji in me. They are each made to perfection and the names of them make you want to just own all of them! I love how dainty and cute they are! Love love love this cute shop!

The Dainty Pear Necklace: I’m pretty sure I wear these necklaces everyday. This is one of my favorite shops and the girl behind it is also one of my favorites. Everything she makes, she makes with love and that’s how she is with everyone she meets too. I love all of the designs she has done, check them out!

I can’t wait for one of you lucky ducks to win all of this! This giveaway is hosted over on Instagram, but for an extra entry subscribe and comment below your favorite thing about being a mom!



Albion Fit Giveaway

October 26, 2015 in Product Reviews

You know those moms who show up at target in full on work-out gear but you KNOW they didn’t just work out? Yup. I’m one of those. (guilty!)

But with Albion Fit I feel like I can justify wearing work out clothes or comfy tops on the daily when I’m running around. (doing errands… OR a marathon of course! I mean, doesn’t chasing a busy toddler count?!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.44.51 PM untitled (1 of 4) untitled (3 of 4) untitled (2 of 2) untitled (2 of 4) untitled (1 of 1)


I’m very impressed with the quality of their clothing as well as the style. I feel like I can be comfy and not look like I am a frump-mess! The one I’m wearing is the Metro Long-Sleeve Crew, love the thumb holes and the length in both arms and torso is on point! I usually try to think of at least one negative thing about products I review, but I honestly can’t think of any negatives with Albion Fit. They have my vote!

The best news is I’m doing a giveaway over on Instagram for you and a friend to win some Albion Fit goods for yourself! (Click HERE) Feel free to pin or repost any of these pics (or any from Albion Fit) for an extra entry! Just comment below with the link!




{photography done by @ahp_photos}

Mamahood Approved: Car Seats

September 30, 2015 in Product Reviews

When you first become a parent, how in the world are you supposed to know what to pack your hospital bag with, what car seat to get, bottles to use, or stroller to have. Ha! I remember pretending to “jog” with a stroller in the store at 35 weeks pregnant and had zero idea what to even get. I’m pretty sure I based my decision off of the color?? …. I didn’t even know what a “BOB” or “City Select” even was! (First time moms-those are like the Ferrari’s of strollers.)

So I will be doing “Mamahood Approved” posts where I will list top favorites, must haves, and brands that are brought to you by all the mamas in our community which means they are all mom tested and recommended!

Here are the top 5 recommended convertible car seats:

(Click on pics for more details on each seat)


1. Graco My Ride 65

2. Britax

3. Chicco Nextfit

4. Evenflo Platinum Symphony
5. Maxi Cosa Pria 70


My personal review: I have owned both the Graco My Ride, and the Evenflo and have to say my vote is for the Evenflo. It was so much easier to install and I felt like I didn’t have any trouble with it feeling wobbly in our car as opposed to the Graco. Every car is different, but if you happen to by chance own a Santa Fe go with the Evenflo over the Graco.

Stay tuned for more recommendations coming soon! If you have any insight or comments please leave them below!




Children Inspire Design

September 16, 2015 in Product Reviews

So I might have a slight obsession with maps these days. That and the nature hikes I’ve been taking my little one on. I’m not extreme, but there is something about dropping everything to go out on a hike or learning about what is around you. I could go off on a tangent but I will stop there so you can read the point of this post (and so I don’ t get carried away about my love for the world, nature, and cultures!)

A few months ago I stumbled across this amazing company called Children Inspire Design. It is an art based product line of the cutest wall art (and more!) that is modern, eco-friendly, and culturally diverse. Their products help children learn compassion for the earth and all who inhabit it. Everything they have is adorable! My little guy spent about an hour putting animals on and off the map. Funnest activity ever for all ages!

untitled (5 of 6)


untitled (4 of 6)

untitled (3 of 6)

untitled (2 of 6)

Not only that but every year they partner with a number of global women and children focused initiatives to help raise funds that are donated 100% to organizations helping people throughout the world. Because of my experiences I had in Africa I am very passionate about the drive and purpose behind this company. I’m all about it and definitely recommend visiting their site! (Click HERE)



(This post was sponsored but contains all of my own thoughts and opinions)

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