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Toddler Favs: The Tiny Compass

April 26, 2016 in Baby / For Babies + Kids / For Kids / For Mamas / Giveaways / My Mamahood

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We LOVE finding new companies and products! We recently discovered this company called The Tiny Compass (Cutest name ever, right?!). They have everything from clothes, to prints, to wooden toys! I’m so excited to see what else they come up with in their “tiny play” section because my toddler is loving these blocks! I love how they’re different colors and the shapes are so cute too!

So if your’e looking for another cute store to stalk/shop on instagram definitely check them out (HERE) I think you’ll love what you see!

Also… a little bird told me that there will be a giveaway with them soon over on FB in the Mamahood Community. (If you’re not apart of the group yet, shoot me an e-mail so I can add you!

Happy Tuesday loves!




This post was sponsored by The Tiny Compass, but all opinions are my own.

One Thing Every Child Needs To Hear

November 6, 2015 in Love Notes / My Mamahood

One thing every child should hear.

We had family visit us in Dallas a few weeks ago. My siblings are my best friends and so family time to me is always a good time.

We tried to do quite a bit while they were here. One of the days, my toddler decided to go on strike, I swear! It was like every decision was a tantrum. Not a small one either… I’m talkin screaming, kicking, throwing your head back kind of tantrums. Did I mention the kind of screams that would shake your ear drums and set off all the car alarms in a parking lot? Yup. Those kind. It wasn’t pretty. I was ready to throw some tantrums myself.

So after the 80th meltdown in one morning and after losing every battle, I mumbled to my child, “Quit being such a brat!”

I’m glad I had my mom close because she taught me a lesson that I want to always remember.

Immediately she said, “Don’t call him that, or he’ll end up being one because you told him that’s what he is.” (Cue in the mom guilt)

How true is that though?

I can honestly say that growing up my mom was the best at being a mom. She knew how to be our best friend but also knew how to be a parent at the same time. I always thought she was “strict” growing up, but now I look back and realize she was setting boundaries and those boundaries helped shape who I am as well as build security for me.

I remember being about 6 years old and I would stand in front of my mom in the bathroom while she slicked back my hair in a pony tail and tie a ball in it. (Ha! Remember those!?) Every single time she would look at my eyes through the mirror and say, “Do you know how beautiful you are?” (I’m sure my flower bangs were quite the attraction but she was talking deeper than just outer beauty.) I would always give a no-tooth smile back, semi-believe her, and say, “Yes”. If my answer wasn’t convincing, she would ask again and tell me how beautiful I was until I believed it.

I didn’t realize how much that really meant to me until I was in middle school and dealt with mean girls who would make fun of my clothes I wore. Or when I was in a nasty relationship with an immature boy in college, or when people on the internet who don’t even know me leave rude comments on my blog about the way I parent.

My mom shaped me to who I am and no one can change that. I fall back on what my mom taught me as a 6 year old because she instilled in me who I was before I even knew who I was.

I once learned in a child development class that the years 1-4 of someone’s life is what shapes their self-esteem for the rest of their life. And now that I’m a mom I feel the weight of that on my shoulders. As a mom I need to tell my kids how great they are and build them up right now so that when the world gets cruel they’ll remember who they really are.

And it won’t be a brat!



Mom Brave

August 23, 2015 in Love Notes / My Mamahood

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“Take a breath and be nice,” I said to my husband after a lady rear ended us pretty bad today, mostly telling myself that. When we all got out the lady sobbed when she saw that we had a baby in the car. Poor little guy was sound asleep and woke up to some screeching tires and whip lash. (We are all safe-thanks to the Man upstairs). I just turned to my babe the second he was woken up with a big smile and said “it’s okay! Wasn’t that a crazy noise!?”

My mom once taught me that you have to fake like you aren’t scared…even if you are…because you’re a mom and those little eyes look to you for strength. So today, I learned what it’s like to be “mom-brave”, and just how brave my own mom really is. I hope the little eyes that searched for mine in a car accident will one day be the brave eyes and smiles for his own kids down the road and that he will remember to breathe and be nice, and smile even if he’s scared.

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