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BUMPDATE: Halfway!

May 1, 2017 in Baby / Lifestyle

I can’t believe we are already passed our halfway point in this pregnancy! I can’t keep track of how many weeks I am, but I think I’m almost 24 this week! This pregnancy has flown by but also gone by slow too. With this pregnancy I gained weight really fast at the very beginning. The thing with going through a couple miscarriages, surgeries, etc. is you can’t work out constantly because of wait/healing time. And since I wasn’t working out constantly the only thing I can do right now is walk. (Why is it when you can’t work out you really want to and when you can you really don’t?!) I’m just feeling so so grateful to have a healthy baby inside of me. It’s worth every extra pound and double chin! 😉

To be honest, these updates will mostly be for me to keep track of. So if you read on, you’ll be seeing the good and the ugly. ha! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


Baby Size: My app says a husk of corn? I’ve been measuring big though from the beginning so not sure if that’s accurate.

Weight gain: 16 pounds

Sleep: Not so good. I have back pain that keeps me tossing and turning all night. The only thing saving me is my pregnancy pillow!

Cravings: pickles + pickle juice will always sounds good to me! I also crave my protein PB and chocolate shakes I make every morning. (milk, cocoa, PB, Chia seed, protein powder (I use pea seed protein), banana, Oats, ice)

Feeling: My first pregnancy with R I felt very level and life was a dream. This pregnancy my hormones are a little all over the place. I’m sure I’m a little more dramatic then usual. My husband cracked an inside joke the other day and I started laughing (harder than anyone knows how to laugh) and then 2 seconds later burst into tears getting offended by the joke! haha! I was a hott mess.

Peak Moment: When Ryd got to feel her kick. He wants nothing else than to make her laugh already. He does dances in front of my belly to make her laugh. I love him so much.

Body changes: Oh the crazy things pregnancy does sometimes! My hands are so dry and itchy again. But I mostly just pee my pants every single day. Without fail. They don’t joke when they say when you have more children you really can’t hold it in!

Doctor/Health Update: Everything looked normal in the 20 week ultrasound. I seriously cry during every healthy heartbeat they can find. Just so grateful. I’m still doing my Lovenox shots + baby aspirin every day. I wasn’t planning on sharing this picture, it’s totally gross, but I want to have it on record for future pregnancies and to remember what I was doing with this pregnancy. The doctors had me on progesterone during ovulation this time around and then I stopped around 14 weeks. One doctor told me that it was probably overkill to be on progesterone. Every other doctor out here in Texas has told me to stay on Lovenox + baby aspirin every day. I’m trying to master these shots so I don’t have as many bruises, but I still have yet to figure it out! But it truly is worth every injection if it means it’ll help keep this babe healthy! I’m so grateful for modern medicine and what they are able to do these days to help with this whole process. These babies are so so worth it. This doctor won’t let me go passed 39 weeks this time around so this baby’s due date keeps getting bumped up!








So blessed to be pregnant with this baby girl!! Can’t wait for her to get here!




16 weeks

April 19, 2017 in Adventures / Lifestyle

Texas is so dreamy sometimes. A few weeks ago we found this beautiful tulip festival nuzzled away on a far away country road. We packed a picnic + a few friends and loved every minute of this adventure!

Gender Reveal

March 9, 2017 in Lifestyle

“I’m pretty sure I saw a little sign of a boy just there.” I said to my doctor at my 14 week ultrasound. “I’m pretty sure I did too” she said back with like ZERO hesitation.

I was thrilled! I think my perspective has been a little changed this passed year with my miscarriages because I will do anything just for a healthy baby. Blue or pink, I’ll take anything!

My last miscarriage was due to Trisomy 15 so they wanted me to do a blood test to check genetics which would also reveal the gender at 99.9%.

That week I was certain we were having a boy and getting so excited to get all of R’s old clothes and baby stuff out again. I picked out a few boy names I loved, and in my head I was having a boy! (My mother intuition is ALWAYS off… let’s just say that!)

I called the doctor’s as soon as results were in (I’m not one much for surprises, but I’m all about surprising other people!) and with my mind in boy mode I hear: “It looks like it’s a princess!” she said.

“Wait, what?” I was shocked! But still just as excited!!

I called my sweet friend up who had the genius idea of making scratch off cards to reveal the gender. (Thanks Caitlin!!) She made some and sent them to all my family. Slow mail is my love language so it was seriously so perfect. I made everyone video tape themselves when they were scratching it off and then compiled a video of everyone’s reactions. It seriously made me cry to make because well, first of all, I just felt so blessed to have made it this far, and second because I just have such a supportive family. And let’s be honest – sometimes distance and pregnancy give you all the feels.

So here’s to you baby girl! We are so excited to meet you!





Pregnancy After Miscarriages

February 26, 2017 in Lifestyle

We are so excited to be announcing another baby coming in August!!

Pregnancy after a couple miscarriages is a little bit interesting. I’ve shut a lot of myself off to the world because it’s such a tender thing and every day I wake up grateful to still be pregnant. Each day is filled with anxiety and a full effort to push away fears and just allow myself to embrace each healthy day.

The first time I heard a healthy heart beat my eyes just welled up with tears. It was the first time in about 4 years that I didn’t hear a suffering heart beat, or knowing I was pregnant and hearing nothing but my own. Happy tears have been a regular thing these days and I just feel oh, so grateful.

I also write with a big lump in my throat. I have had multiple breakdowns just thinking about announcing because my heart goes out to a lot of you. This passed year has allowed me to connect with SO many of you who are suffering through infertility or loss. I’ve had so much support from those going through similar things. I almost don’t want to ever say anything because I’ve felt that “sting” before when you’re scrolling and see someone else get a blessing that you’ve longed and prayed for, for so long. I don’t want to be that sting to those of you who are suffering. I’ve come to learn the difference between empathy and sympathy and my heart truly feels for those with breaking hearts. So I hope that if you’re reading this and are in that situation, that you know how much I love and pray for you. My heart completely goes out to you and I hope that as you read along my journey that it gives you hope for your own journey and we can continue to cheer each other on.

These pictures mean everything to me because of ALL my babies. I feel so blessed that everything is healthy so far and pray with all my heart that we will have the chance to hold a healthy baby at the end of this.

Thank you all who have been so sweet. Growing a family has the hardest thing I’ve had to do physically and emotionally so far and I feel so grateful for all the prayers and love that has been sent our way! We truly feel so much gratitude and love for so many of you and will keep you posted!



PS. If you look close (on the very last picture), you can see two tiny baby hands in a praying position in the ultra sound too! I thought it was so cute. We’re all praying for each other!


Simplify: Your Everyday

November 16, 2015 in Lifestyle



Happy Monday! I’m excited about my “Simplify” series! Here are things I do on the daily to help simplify my life in hopes that it will help you too!


  1. Create a morning routine. This has been a game changer for me because I’m so not a morning person. But if I wake up, make my bed, get breakfast ready, unload the dishes, throw a load of laundry in, squeeze a quick shower in to help me wake up, and read to my toddler — I feel like we are off to a great start for the day! (that sounded like a million tasks but they really don’t take very long and I’m done with those by 8AM so I feel ahead of my day already.
    • *TIP for those of you who LOATHE laundry like I do: Do a small load every single day. I used to do it once a week and would have mounds and mounds of laundry that would never get all the way folded so by the next week I would still have a bin of clean clothes AND have another huge load to wash. (not fun!) My friend recommended doing it where you throw in a small load every day and it has changed my life!
  2. Don’t plan a million errands in one day. Mostly for your kids’ sake. I am the type where I just want to get everything done really fast. But sometimes kids don’t like to hurry or move as fast as we do. I usually try and stick to one errand in the morning, and one in the afternoon. That way we can get out, but not feel too rushed. I also try to switch off my “errands”, one for me and then a play errand for my toddler at a park or something fun.
  3. Meal Plan at the beginning of the week. Monday mornings we head to Sprouts to grab produce needed for that week. If you have an idea of what dinners will be every day that week, you won’t be so stressed trying to figure it out last minute and you also avoid having a hangry family.
  4. Get rid of clutter. The beauty of living in a 2 bedroom apartment is that we LITERALLY have no extra space for things we don’t need. I seriously get so happy when I can come up with a huge bag to throw out or take to Goodwill.
  5. Clean as you go. This one is a trick I am still learning to master… but it really does help so that by the end of the night you aren’t cleaning up a thousand projects. Coming from a mom of the busiest toddler alive, it’s possible. Also, organization has saved me as well and I hope to write more about that on a later post to help you too!)
  6. Give everything a home. Everything that you own should have it’s own place. If it doesn’t, and you don’t need it or won’t ever use it, get rid of it! For every one thing you buy, get rid of one thing you have. Easier said than done, but it makes a world of a difference. I’m totally one of those people who is like “Well, I might need it just in case…” Umm “Just in case” hardly ever happens. If you hardly use it now, you will most likely hardly use it later.
  7. Get outside. I know this one sounds random, but simplify your day by putting busy distractions and things that waste your time to the side and enjoy the sun for a minute. Sometimes we get so focused on things that we forget to slow down. When I go for walks or collect rocks with my toddler I’m reminded of that and it’s quite peaceful and refreshing.
  8. Don’t stress to impress. This one has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m not sure why us moms have to feel like we have to have it all under control, have perfect hair that no toddler has pulled out, or have perfect children who line up like ducks in a row with the perfect manners, the perfect clothes, and hair. Don’t get me wrong, while all that is important, I also believe that you have to be YOU. Don’t live to put on a show for others. The most important thing you are is seen from the tiniest eyes looking at you, and I’m pretty sure they think you are the most beautiful woman in the world just because you are their mom. Don’t stress to impress the others who don’t matter.
  9. Delete apps that you aren’t using. As a blogger, I use social media constantly. However, I have days where I delete those apps off my phone so that I don’t worry about checking it. If it becomes addicting to you or if you need a break from Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.. just delete the app and then add it back later when or if you want. Sometimes going on a social media fast does wonders for the soul. I think if we use it wisely, social media can be a wonderful thing as long as we control it and not let it control us. Which leads to my next point:
  10. Take a break from T.V. Last week we didn’t use the T.V. at all. I have to say that it wasn’t the easiest thing, but it definitely helped my toddler not be so grumpy (and me as well!) We figured out other things to do and discovered fun places and met new people. We went on more mommy/toddler dates and laughed with each other more. I’m all about Curious George, but sometimes by leaving it off, life just feels happier and I’m glad we took a break!
  11. Check your tech. I’ve mentioned this before in one of my posts, but we have a rule where we check our tech (phones, iPads, laptops, etc.) from 6-8 every night. It has been the biggest blessing because we spend those 2 hours before bed just the 3 of us. It gets pretty comical when we come up with fun things to do instead… like toddler minute-to-win-it. (ha!) We’ve done this “check tech” thing for almost 2 years now and I think it’s one of my favorite family rules.
  12.  Give time for yourself and have a night routine for YOUYou have to give yourself time to survive motherhood. Whether that is reading a book or taking a long bubble bath. I’ve learned that if I take time for myself (especially after I put my baby down to bed) I am a better mom. My night routine includes loading up the dishwasher/starting it, cleaning up anything that is out of place, folding my small amount of clothes, and watching Amazing Race with my hubs or having a “reading night”. Whatever it is, you need it and deserve it.


What are things you do every single day to help simplify your life? Comment below, share with a friend, or pin for later!





The Start of a New Series

November 9, 2015 in Lifestyle


Lately I’ve had this huge craving to simplify my life… in every aspect.

From cleaning my house, to parenting my kids, and everything in between. Sometimes I feel like life is a blur because I go a thousand miles per hour. Other days I feel like I’m at a stand still with too much to do that I crash hard on my bed with a migraine and sleep all night waking up to dirty dishes in my sink the next morning.

For some reason Monday is my “start over” day. So this week we are cutting out T.V. and spending more time doing things together! (it’s only been half a day, but so far we’ve done great 😉 )

I am starting a new series of ways to simplify your life and will go into more detail on what I’ve been doing that has helped me in different aspects so that you can get ideas to feel refreshed as well! With holidays coming I want to feel like I’m ahead, instead of feeling like I’m trying to keep my head above water. Ain’t nobody got time fo that!

“There is beauty and clarity that comes from simplicity that we sometimes do not appreciate in our thirst for intricate solutions.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I also once learned that if you simplify your life it will ease your burdens, bring peace and greater joy. That’s my goal with these upcoming posts to help us all reach that!

What are ways you simplify your life? I would love to hear them and I’m excited to share with you what mine are!

Stay tuned!




8 TIPS: Becoming an Early Bird

October 8, 2014 in Lifestyle / Other

One of my goals in life is to become a morning person. I remember awhile ago, my dad used to take me to high school on his way to work around 7:30 in the morning. I was a dead beat. My dad would laugh sometimes because I would only nod or say one word responses (which if you know me, a one-word response is VERY odd). I was a zombie, and I felt like one. I hated being awake at the butt crack of dawn and would only dream about going back to bed. That’s all I would think about. Oh and anyone that was happy in the morning I probably could’ve slapped. I hate to admit it, but I was that bad.

Then… I had a baby.

A few things change in your life when you have a kid, but this one was a big one for me. No matter what time my little goes to bed, the second 7AM hits we are all up for the day. And this is actually pretty good. It used to be 4AM and has slowly moved to 7AM (hallelujah).

So, the past few weeks instead of complaining that it’s early, I’ve tried to look for ways to LOVE the mornings. Granted, this is me BECOMING an early bird. I’m still working on it. But here are my tips and tricks that have helped me so far:

1. ACCEPT THAT IT’S EARLY: Yes. It’s something I have to actually think about every day and accept it. It’s early but I’m healthy, the sun is shining, and it’s gonna be a good day! (repeat)

2. WAKE UP BEFORE YOUR KIDS: This doesn’t always happen at our house, but I have noticed when I wake up first I feel more prepared for the day instead of having a baby as my alarm clock. Even if it’s just a few minutes before they wake up, I feel like I have a jump start.

3. READ AND PRAY: I read the scriptures (find out more HERE) and pray in the morning. Sometimes it’s a quick moment, but I find it totally steers my day to a more joyful and productive one if I put that first.

4. EAT: Self explanatory.

5. PUT ON YOUR TENNIS SHOES: K. I know this sounds dumb, but have you ever bought a pair of brand new tennis shoes and you all of a sudden got the urge to run? That run maybe only lasted a day (probably once around the block for me) but it still is a little motivation right? We usually go for walks in the morning and I feel like JUST putting on my tennis shoes is the farthest thing from thinking about going back to bed. It helps. Don’t knock it til you try it;)

6. GET OUTSIDE: Whether it’s burning hot or freezing cold, bundle up and get outside! This one is HUGE for becoming a morning person because you realize that the world is awake and there’s nothin like a good sunrise. Even if you only make it to your front porch. Get. Outside. It’s so good for all of us to get fresh air and there is something empowering about getting outside and moving the body that God gave you!

7. MOVE: This ties into #6.  I used to hate working out in the morning. I still hate working out in the morning. Breaking a sweat is easier for me to do at night than in the morning. But I still find it helpful to just move. Whether it be a walk in the canyon, or a walk around your house. Just move. This helps me a ton to NOT want to go back to bed.

8. SING: I’ve found that the happiest people sing! (I mean really… have you ever seen a grumpy person sing? ha!) So whether you can carry a note or not, sing. Outloud. Find music that moves you. Sometimes when I’m taking my baby for a walk down a street that isn’t very busy I just plug in my headphones and I sing out loud to him. People may or may not have passed and think I’m completely crazy, but for us… we’ve had a great morning and maybe made someone else’s day with a good hit (or ruined it… but either way)

All of these (including the obvious of showering and getting ready for the day) I’ve found to be helpful so far on my road to becoming an early bird.

What are some of your tricks to help you love mornings?

 SIDE NOTE: If you are looking for tanks or work out gear, Costco never disappoints.

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July 3, 2014 in Lifestyle

What started off as a great day at the pool ended with mud in the hair, spills, and floods (how do we seriously have some kind of leak or flood in every place we live??) oh and did I mention… My child rolling OFF my bed and landing on his face? Yes. Mother of the year award probably goes to me as usual.  It was one of those days that I wanted to just push a “restart” button. 

The maintenance guy to fix our leak was the classic. He didn’t speak a lot of English which is fine… But I don’t speak a lick of Spanish so the convo went something like this:

Me: “hi so we have a leak coming from the AC in our ceiling… See that bowl FULL of water? That’s from the leak.”

Henry: “I see. No wet on ceiling now. Dry.”

Me: “uhh are u sure?? I’ve heard it dripping all day.”

I leave the room all annoyed that he was just tryin to pull a fast one on me and get outta his job early.

All of a sudden I hear  laughs coming from the bathroom followed by a waterfall. I seriously wish I took a pic. Henry (I don’t even know his real name but it fits for some reason) had tilted the ceiling up as, no joke, BUCKETS of water came pouring down onto his head. Haha I’m sorry but I died. How was I the only one witnessing this?

All I could do was throw him a towell and dodge the muddy water as I tried to gather my stuff.  My life today. 

Best part? He accidentally left his shades on the bathroom floor during the hurricane. Guess I’ll be sportin those tomorrow at my next play date. 😉

Heaven help this day. 

Ps. Anyone have any great #mamafails stories? I would love to hear them so that I can come out of the hole I’ve crawled myself into!

Yours truly.

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