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Pastel Baby Shower

July 2, 2015 in DIY / For Mamas / For Mamas

You guys… if you are throwing a bride or baby shower soon, make sure to head over to PEACHY DETAILS. No joke, she saved me with this baby girl shower I did a few months ago. Not only do you get cute party details shipped to you, but she knows how to make you look good! She makes everything and is amazing at it.


Here’s a little tour on how it all turned out:


IMG_2784 IMG_2789

I made these jars that are SUPER easy. Just grab a mason jar, paint over the outside with chalk paint as a primer and then once that dries completely, paint a few coats of the color you want it to be on top. Oh… and the faux flowers are actually from the dollar store. {Inspired by: Love of Family and Home}






Isn’t this cake/cookie topper so cute? If you want the recipe for these swig cookies click HERE.



PS. You can order this cute tassel and garland in our shop by clicking HERE, and all the other details by clicking HERE.

PSS. Shout out to this home girl next to me. She would drop anything for me and is like my Texas sister. I love her and am so grateful to have her in my life, and throw parties with her too;).




Happy Anni: 3rd Edition

June 8, 2015 in Family / For Mamas



I love reading about other people’s love stories or how it all worked out. My story is a little different then most. I’ll spare you and leave the long dramatic details out. But I married my first date.  Sounds like cake right? I’m pretty sure it was actually one of the craziest roads of my life. Here’s a readers digest version:


I met this handsome when I was 15.


After dating in high school we went our separate ways. There was a time when we didn’t see each other for a few years (I called off a wedding that was headed for disaster during that time). There were some pretty painful years and we both had a lot of growing up to do. Then one day we happened to cross paths after 4 years. Timing is everything because after 8 years of knowing each other, this time was perfect. It’s never felt like that with anyone I had ever dated.

We quickly got engaged and married 2 months later. 3 apartments, 1 baby, 1 bachelor’s degree, a few jobs, 2 states, and a million laughs later, I’ve come to love him more than I ever thought I could. He will hate me for bragging about him, but I honestly couldn’t be a mom without all that he does and the support he gives to me (my heart goes out to those moms who have to do it alone). He’ll be exhausted from work and look at my tired eyes from a restless night or long day and tell me to go lay down or take a break. There’s no one I would ever be able to do this life with. He makes my world bright even on the darkest days and knows how to get passed my stubborn ‘tude and make me laugh my hardest laugh.

Happy 3rd anniversary to the kid I still love to pull pranks on and flirt with.


(videos: Haugen Creative)

Here are some of my top fav memories with you from even from our old school days (I usually do this in my notes to him on our anniversary but thought I’d share a couple…don’t mind the cheese fest!):

1. When I was 15, you were 16 and I thought you were the coolest thing to be able to drive.

2. One time I called you after we just met and you answered “Al’s plumbing?” and I hung up immediately thinking I called the wrong number.

3. When I disguised a dog treat as a chocolate dessert and you actually took a bite out of it on April Fool’s Day. (ha! I still laugh so hard remembering the face you pulled after you realized what you just ate.)

4. Getting “busted” by the cops for trespassing and you told me to run and hide while you walked in front of his headlights so that you would be the one to get in trouble instead of me.

5. Sitting in A.P. history and passing folded “notes” back and forth, my laugh would get me in trouble every time.

6. Sneaking a kiss in the photography developing room…no wonder that was your favorite class!

7. After the 4 years of not seeing each other you asked me out on a “catch up date” and we celebrated my birthday, Christmas, and other holidays to catch up for the lost time. We drove down the canyon, favorite tunes on and windows down. I can’t describe it other than feeling completely alive. Loved that night!

8. You proposing in the hot air balloon, and then when we went a year later and I was pregnant and blacked out almost needing an emergency landing. Ha! Total fail thinking it would be a cool pregnancy announcement.

9. Watching you be a dad for the first time. I used to force newborns in your arms so that you could practice (haha! I’m so rude.) Come to find out, the newborn thing was more your thing than mine and you’re a total natural. Nothing sweeter than watching you be a dad.

10. Going on road trips, dates, and crazy adventures with you. Love making “big” plans and actually following through. Can’t wait for the ones we have coming soon.

Love you forever Charlie Brown.



Straightener Curls

May 12, 2015 in For Mamas / For Mamas

Some of you have done this for years and lots of you are still wanting to figure out how to curl your hair using a straightener. I do this almost every day since chopping off my hair because it’s way quicker than using a curling iron. Being a mom and taking hours to curl your hair? Ain’t nobody got time fo that!

Here’s a tutorial by our cute Nicole over at Halos & Hair.

Tip: If you have short hair like mine, I would recommend using Goldwell wax spray at the end of curling your hair. I use that instead of hairspray and it works wonders!

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 1.02.26 PM


If you have any questions, post below! Enjoy:)




Happy Mamahood!

February 4, 2015 in For Mamas

I thought it would be fun to get a small collection of why we love being mama’s!  And to help balance us out, I got a few daddy responses too!!  I love reading everyone’s experiences!  Enjoy! 🙂

“I love how it challenges me to be the best person that I can be because I want my daughter (soon to be daughters) to always look up to me. It challenges me to be better all the time. Oh, and I love that it also gives me an excuse to eat more goldfish than I should ;)” – Chelsea Gold, mother of soon to be 2


“I’m the mom who, when I hear my child stirring, cringes and hopes for a few more minutes of precious sleep. I anxiously await nap time and bed time. And then I fervently pray that today will be the day she doesn’t fight it and takes a decent nap or finally sleeps through the night. It is in those few fleeting moments of peace, when my babe is resting peacefully and looks so serine and angelic, that I truly love her. Those are the moments I hang on to. That is when I whisper ever so carefully in her delicate little ear “you are kind. You are smart. You are important. You are a beautiful daughter of God who knows her self worth. Don’t EVER settle for anyone or anything. God loves you so very much, As do your parents, and they want nothing but the best for you. With their help, you will move mountains and conquer your battles.”  And then I sit back to take a moment for myself and admire her.” – Brittany Fraizer, mother of 1

IMG_1351Seeing your children be righteous parents and being the kind of adults that are striving to live true to their covenants.” – Rebecca Mitchell, mother of 5 (3 of which are now mothers, and one that still has many years ;))

I love seeing the growth that happens.  I always thought Hudson was my baby and now that we have Kash it just is amazing to me how big he is, and how tiny Kash is. I don’t know if that’s my favorite thing but that something that I think is pretty amazing.” – Kailey Varble, mother of 2

FullSizeRender“Always having someone to blame things on ;)” – Ehret Kowalk, father of 3

Holding your baby for the first time and knowing they came straight from their Heavenly Father.” – Lani Kowalk, mother of 3

10577195_10152632340063459_2087860831982783792_n“That even at the end of a rough day and I’m tucking in the boys I ask them how much I love them and they say “forever”. They know I love them no matter what. If I’m disappointed, mad, or sad, my love for them doesn’t change and they know that. “ – Kaisey Shipley, mother of 3

1460232_10153472713305054_1310548815_n“I had an investment professor in college tell us one day that we should never let fear be the reason we didn’t do something. The next morning I felt the strong impression that my delay to become a father was produced by fear and nothing else. 2 years later, I hardly remember life before my son and am lost in my love of being a father. To think that fear almost prevented his existence is amazing to me. Surely every good thing that has come to me in life has been brought by the means of removing fear from the equation and evaluating what I was doing and who I was becoming. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way.” – Patrick Van Hoose, father of 1

IMG_0466“Their unconditional love, and the look on Henrik’s face that just makes you feel like you’re doing something right as a mom.” – Sara Sundahl, mother of 1

“One of my most favorite things about motherhood right now is seeing their little imaginations grow and run wild.  Their curiosity, innocence and wonder is amazing and inspiring.   They all are coming into their own personality and it’s so fun to see.  And I love love sweet cuddles! :)” – Jenna Van Hoose, mother of 3

“One thing I can count on every single day is when I walk into her room in the morning and as soon as she hears the door open she starts squirming around and laughing…then I poke my head over her crib and her face just LIGHTS UP. It’s just immediate gratification for the day you’re about to have. And no matter how the day goes, good or bad, I’m always so excited for the morning.” – Haylie Swenson, mother of 1
“I love how much I love Atticus. I never realized how much I could love someone more than I had room for. I love how much I want to sacrifice for him too. Just thinking about waking up early with him to send him off to school with lunch I made him or seminary or to an away game makes me so excited to think about.” – Veronica Fraizer, mother of 1
14395_10153315256829619_797280461429422037_n“The best part of motherhood for me, is that I’m the ultimate jack of all trades. When my little guy is sick, he doesn’t want a doctor, or daddy, or anything, except mommy. I get to play nurse. When he’s scared, I’m the ultimate protector. When he’s hungry, I’m the best chef around. I know to him I’m something great, and that’s the best feeling in the world. He thinks I’m a superhero! The confidence he has in me, makes me more confident than the new miss universe. The best part of motherhood is just that, being a mother!” – Apple Cumins, mother of soon to be 2


Happy Wednesday everyone, and enjoy the joy of Mamahood!!

My Story: Never Alone

October 28, 2014 in Family / For Mamas


After talking to a friend about the adjustment period of being a new mom, I have the urge to finally tell my story and explain the whole reasoning behind starting this blog.

I have a canvas in my room of my family of 3 that I absolutely love of when my baby was first born. But I also have a hard time looking at it because it was a really hard time of life for me. I feel guilty for even saying that because I’m holding the most beautiful and precious baby in the world and something that so many only wish and hope for every day.

I always dreamed of becoming a mom but it always seemed like a distant dream. I watched my sisters raise kids and it felt like it would be a long way down the road before I even had kids.

After being married only 9 short months, we had a feeling to get pregnant and I was terrified. I know that so many struggle having kids and having miscarriages, and my heart goes out to those moms completely. I thought I would be one of them to be honest. I remember getting to 12 weeks and being completely shocked that we made it far enough to tell people.

Our baby was a miracle baby and if we didn’t deliver in the hospital he wouldn’t have survived. I’m so grateful for the day and age that we live in.

The hospital? A dream. They took care of my baby while I just held him, fed him, and then they watched over him while I slept.

Once we got the green light to go home, reality hit…as it does to most.

Breastfeeding wasn’t working, I had mastitis, thrush, and infections all over. I broke out in hives and wasn’t sure what it was from so I stopped injecting the shots I was told to give myself for a blood disorder. We weren’t doing enough skin-to-skin, he was spitting up and crying like he was in a lot of pain. My husband would wake up with me during every feeding (bless his heart) to help me get through nursing as big tear drops would fall on my baby’s face and I would try so hard not to let him hear me cry as my tense body writhed in the hardest pain I had felt since labor. I think I drove my lactation specialist crazy because every time I would go in, I was that “hard” case she had to deal with. (She was a complete sweetheart to me though and I’m so grateful how kind her heart was to a sobbing new mom)

Wasn’t this supposed to be enjoyable?

The physical pain and being tired on top of that was hard for me. However, the hormones that are completely out of whack added to the pile. I’m not trying to sugar coat anything, but the morbid thoughts were real and I felt dark all around me, all the time. I stopped eating. (I’m sure that helped when trying to feed another human being!) I lost 25 pounds (including baby) in a few weeks and was completely weak. I had zero energy, appetite, and was completely stressed with keeping a little infant alive I would forget to take care of myself. I couldn’t comprehend my life or who I even was anymore. It’s hard to explain but I felt like I was thrown in the Nile river without a lifejacket or even knowing how to swim. I remember calling the nurse and sobbing uncontrollably and in the most sympathetic tone she told me that I was doing a good job and everything would be alright and to start medicine if I wanted to. (I ordered the prescription but never ended up taking it… although I’m a firm believer in getting help!)

I don’t want this part to sound dramatic, but I remember one day I was trying to eat something and feeling so weak that I collapsed on the couch and my plate of food fell out of my hands. I have a picture of the Savior in my house that was in our hallway. I remember my husband was at work, baby was asleep and after I had collapsed on the couch, I looked up with complete helpless tears in my eyes and said to the picture of Christ “Am I going to die?”. It sounds irrational, I know, but I really thought it was possible. I felt alone because I was trying to do it alone.

That night, the picture of Christ was my strength and I was somehow able to keep going.

There’s a quote by Elder Bednar that I love:

“We are not and never need be alone. We can press forward in our daily lives with heavenly help. Through the Savior’s Atonement we can receive capacity and “strength beyond [our] own”

That night I realized that I couldn’t do it alone. I still can’t do it alone. Motherhood is a HUGE opportunity and calling that no one can do it alone. For me, I rely on the Lord to help me each and every day. Even 10 months later when things have gotten a LOT better, I still worry about my peanut and want him to be able to tell people that he had a mom that never gave up on the Lord. Even if I’m falling into shambles on the couch;)

To my new mom friends – hang in there. You got this. Don’t give up. You stay strong. It DOES get easier, and it IS worth it.

I echo Bednar: Through the Savior’s Atonement we can receive capacity and strength beyond our own.”

You are never alone. <3

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