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Anchored East Diaper Bag

November 15, 2017 in Fashion / Product Reviews
***This post is sponsored but opinions are all my own***

You guys. I love love love finding amazing products that are totally functional for #momlife. What’s an even better bonus is if it doesn’t break the bank!

When Anchored East reached out to me, I couldn’t help but fall in love with their product. Between the price, functionality, and cuteness, I was all over their diaper bags!

It’s a designer look bag with TONS of pockets on the inside, outside, and sides. There is one pocket that has insulation, and includes a changing pad as well.

I’m all about the backpack style because you just need both hands as a mama. It has plenty of space and would be AMAZING to travel with.

The only thing I didn’t love at first was how much bigger it felt compared to other bags I’ve used, but after using it I feel ten times more organized which is a win in my book! Plus, once you put it on it doesn’t feel too big at all.


The best news? They’re only $49 on Amazon right now!!….whaaaa?!

Click HERE to snag yours! I’m for sure a fan.



Friday: Fashion Essentials

November 28, 2014 in Fashion
It might just be me, but I feel like I’m always in a fashion rut. I was cleaning out my closet the other day and was shocked at how much I really don’t wear. These cute sisters (Paige and Regan) reached out to me when they launched their new blog and have some of the best ideas! Here are some tips from them today:

Paige: TUNIC: Nordstrom//JACKET: BLANKNYC//LEGGINGS: Zella//BOOTIES: Fergie//BAG: rian//SUNGLASSES: Cole Haan//LIPS: MAC ‘Vino” with Honey Love

Regan: TEE: RVCA//VEST: Called to Surf//DENIM: Hudson//BOOTIES: Splendid//LIPS: MAC ‘Viva Glam V’
Hi! We are so happy to doing a guest post on The Mamahood Blog! Today we’re talking about some essential items that we think every woman needs in her closet. These are items that are versatile, and can be worn in lots of different ways.
1. The first is a nice, quality pair of jeans. We can’t tell you the difference that quality jeans make, and we think everyone needs at least one pair. Regan is wearing the Collette Skinny Hudson Jean, which is one of our favorite brands 🙂
2. A cute vest. You can wear it with a casual look, or dress it up with a collared button down shirt. They’re also great to use as an extra layer during the colder months of the year! 
3. Leather jacket. It doesn’t need to be real leather, or super expensive. Paige’s faux leather jacket is just under $100! Leather jackets are great because they are really versatile and can be worn with so many different things. They look great with a dress, dark skinny jeans, or a tunic and leggings as seen here. 
4. Leggings…And not just any leggings. The Zella leggings Paige is wearing are seriously our absolute favorite, and are one of the top selling items at Nordstrom! They are SO flattering, and are reversible so you can wear the two different textures for different occasions. They’re great for the gym, or a worn with a cute tunic. We love them!
Thanks so much for reading! Be sure to stop by to see more fashion, food, home design, and fitness inspiration! 

A Beautiful Rawr

November 18, 2014 in Fashion / Product Reviews

One thing I love about The Mamahood is that it has become a sisterhood of women empowering each other. I’ve recently teamed up with another beautiful mama who has a similar vision. She is the designer of the clothing line “A Beautiful RAWR”.

RAWR stands for: Real Amazing Woman Representing.

It is a faith-based brand focusing on empowering women to dream big and live up to their full potential. Linh was inspired to create this company because of her own mother who has been battling cancer since 2013. The meaning behind all of it is incredible and I’m honored to be apart of this and be able to share it with all of you!


I’m no model you guys, but I am totally loving these shirts. The fabric is SUPER comfortable, forgiving, and you can dress it up or down. I also love how long they are as well. (This is a total selfie on my back porch…don’t judge it was just me and the babe at home! What’s a girl to do. 😉

Not only that, but the packaging it comes in is so dreamy, remember when I posted this on insta?


I’m a big fan of the words on her shirts as well! To me, “grit” means getting up when you feel defeated. It means waking up multiple times to feed a newborn when your body and mind are completely exhausted. It means wiping swollen eyes from crying on the bathroom floor and serving your family or your neighbor. Grit means getting up the next day after receiving devastating news and watching the sun rise knowing you have better days ahead. It means when you are completely drained from a day of sassy toddlers and a baby ripping your newly grown post-pregnancy hair out and scratching your face with nails you can never keep short enough. Grit is putting on a smile even when your heart is breaking. It means putting up a fight for what truly matters. It is empowering.

Grit is never giving up.


I seriously love companies that rock a good cause or background story. It makes me want to wear this shirt everyday! Especially on the days where I’m feeling defeated. I love it.

The best news is, one of my readers will be receiving the cutest package on their porch with a shirt from A Beautiful RAWR (check instagram to enter). And even more good news is from now until Friday November 21st you can use code: MAMA15 to get 15% off $50 or more purchase.

Also love that she is starting a new mommy/baby line for all our mamas! You can pre-order and they can get it to you by Christmas. (it comes wrapped and you know how I feel about how stinkin cute her wrapping is!) Thanks A Beauitful Rawr!

What does Love and Grit mean to you?

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