Baby Products: Nice vs Necessary

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Let’s face it. There are a bazillion baby products out there these days! Isn’t it kinda amazing and overwhelming at the same time to know what to get when you have a baby? I decided to make a list of some of my FAVORITE baby products and let you know what I feel like is worth the money and some products that I wouldn’t waste my money on.

Let’s start with:

STROLLERS. With my first baby we had NO idea what we were looking for. After extensive research and thanks to The Baby Cubby who helped show me the bells and whistles of all strollers, I’ve found my favorite – The City Select Lux! At first, setting it up and figuring out all it’s tricks was a little bit of a pain, but now that I’ve mastered that I love love it! Why? Because it grows with your kids. You can use one seat, two seats, a seat with a jump seat or foot stand, plus you can move the seats how you want them to face. The best part? You don’t feel like a school bus pushing two kids. I love that both of my kids can be in it (in addition to all my crap!) and I can easily push it with one hand. Also… it’s just classy. This stroller will last us forever. I’m all about that! Definitely something worth investing your money in.

DIAPER BAGS. Okay mamas, I’ve tried all shapes and sizes of diaper bags and my heart will always be cheering for the Fawn Design. It’s everything. Fits all my stuff, turns into a backpack, classy enough for husband to carry, and just is perfectly functional in my book. The owner, Jenny is amazing. I hate that so many people have tried to copy her design because she’s the diaper bag genius and I’m excited to see what more she comes up with! I also love THIS diaper bag for a church bag. It’s perfect and has lasted me forever. I owned a Petunia Picklebottom bag when I first became a mom and I’ll be honest, it didn’t last as long as these other two by a long shot. I won’t go back!

CARRIERS: As far as wraps go, I’m a fan of the Solly Baby Wrap (similar to THIS one). I have a ring sling, and other fabric carriers, but I love the functionality of the Solly Baby. My only complaint is that it takes me a minute to put on, plus is tricky to do it when you’re not at home and don’t want the fabric to touch the ground. (I’m a total germaphobe!). I also have a Baby Bjorn carrier that I love as well. (currently wearing it as I type this post) I feel like the Bjorn gives me more back support than the wrap, but I love having both options.

SWINGS: Okay, let’s talk the beloved Mamaroo. My opinion on this might differ actually from a lot of moms out there, but in my opinion, it’s nice to have, not a necessity. I feel like the different settings it does is more for the parents than the baby. I have a fisher price swing that was half the price and both of my babies have loved it just as much. Nice to have? Yes. And some moms swear by it, but in my experience it’s definitely been nice, not a necessity. THIS is the one I have.

COVERED GOODS: I love my car seat/nursing cover. It’s honestly a must have. Would I spend a fortune on this one again? Probably not. I see them on sale over on ALL the time and I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for one. THIS is the one I have.

DOCKATOT: This is another controversial product and one that I will swear by! It’s made so that your babe can safely sleep in your bed. The edges go along baby’s body so that he/she feels cozy. Do I worry about transitioning to a bare crib? Yes. But I definitely would spend money on this again and again. I’ll be curious how that transition goes because I have the Deluxe and not the Grande. I don’t know that I want to get the grande because at that point I want my babe to sleep in her crib, but I’ve loved the Deluxe. We also took it with us on our last road trip and it was awesome to bring along and have my baby feel like she was in the same bed every time. Worth the investment and sleep! THIS one is like mine.

OWLET: Okay, another yet again controversial product. My husband and I have constantly talked if this is a nice product to have or a necessity. It’s a tough call. If you were to ask me 3 days into using it, I would’ve said to not waste your money. It went off one night and probably caused more of an issue with my heart than with hers. Totally freaked me out and I was ready to take it back, but now I can honestly say, I love when she has it on. She was in the NICU for a week and monitors constantly go off in the NICU and so I feel like the Owlet is similar and an extra pair of eyes. I did a little bit of research on this and they have the range of settings already preset so you can’t change it. They had multiple doctors and researchers set the range so it’s definitely well thought out. That being said, I don’t know if it would go off before my baby needed CPR, so I definitely don’t have all my trust in it, I just use it as an extra set of eyes. You can snag the sock 2 HERE.

CRIB: I am a cheapskate when it comes to cribs. I think the crib we got with our first was a yardsale find for $60. This time around I came across and was a little worried about ordering from them, but I couldn’t have been happier with the one we found! It’s similar to THIS amazon one that is beautiful!! I love the more modern looking cribs. Minimal, clean lines, and goes in any nursery.


BOPPY: A necessity. Especially those first few weeks. I love mine and would definitely spend money on this. I like THIS one from The Baby Cubby because it comes with the cover. Or THIS one with THIS water resilient cover!

NIGHT GOWNS: When they are still so itty bitty, nightgowns are a lifesaver for boys or girls because you don’t have to zip, snap, (or find your husband missed one in the middle of the night!) My cute MIL found these darling ones and I’ve been obsessed! These I would definitely spend money on again and again! The ones I have are HERE.

SWADDLE BLANKETS: I’ve always been a fan of muslin swaddles. Adan + Anais and Little Unicorn are wonderful, but lately I’ve been loving the Cloud Island brand! You NEED muslin blankets in my opinion. One that I have used a ton with this baby in these first few weeks is THIS and I’ve loved it.

BREAST PUMPS: If you are breastfeeding, Medela is the way to go. ALWAYS check and see what your insurance will cover because if they can cover a Medela that’s what I would recommend. My last pump had a trillion pieces, I was always cleaning so many random parts over and over again. I feel like the Medela is more simple but more powerful too.

NOSE FRIDA: Every mom NEEDS this! It does wonders and you’ll be so grateful you aren’t using the bulb to suck those little bugs out of their nose! You can read more about them HERE.

There are so many things out these days it’s so fun but also a lot to take in. The items listed above are the ones that come to mind that have saved me. Some things that I wouldn’t waste my money on again are: changing table, changing pad, diaper warmer, diaper genie, and baby bath tub. I just feel like I never used any of those enough to have it be worth my money.

Would you agree to any of this? What are some of your MUST HAVE baby items that you can’t live without?! I’d love to hear!




***May contain affiliate links but all opinions are my own.***

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  • Vivian Smitb September 27, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    MoonBeau Baby is so good!! My friend is a nurse and she actually just started the company. It’s for wipeable changing pad covers!! She uses some of the same materials found in hospitals for durability and has made them so comfy cute!!! Less time scrubbing, more time loving! You should check it out!

    • October 2, 2017 at 3:10 am

      That’s awesome! I’ll have to check it out! Xo

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